Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tove Johansson - The Kalas Collection

I adore the fresh, exciting palette Tove Johansson uses in her design. Her new collection - The Kalas Collection - is lively and invigorating with her signature graphic look, unique geos, and eye-popping colour.

Tove Johansson - The Kalas Collection 2013

Tove Johansson - Candy cushion

Tove Johansson -  Candy Round cushion, Girlang cushion (right), and Clover cushion (bottom)

Tove Johansson - Jigsaw cushion

Tove Johansson - Collage cushion (left), Collage cushion dark (right)

Tove Johansson - Clover cushion (left), Papillon pillow (right)

I love the way Tove balances out busy patterns with a few very carefully considered simpler designs such as the Clover and Papillon pillows above, and my absolute favourite the Candy Round cushion. I was trying to think of a way to describe how I feel when I see design that makes me excited like this; I came up with 'heart-soaring'! It gives me a little rush of adrenalin and energy. It makes my heart soar. Thank you Tove! 

Be sure to visit Tove's website and store for more information. 


  1. He dado un vistazo a tu blog y me ha encantado, me quedo por aquí si me lo permites. Te invito a que visites el mio saludos desde Uruguay, Sudamerica

  2. These are just gorgeous! Beautiful use of colour and I love the simplicity of the pattern work.