Monday, April 1, 2013

Texitura Advanced Print Trends for S/S14: Featuring Veronica Galbraith

Kicking off again (following a short break) with some enormously inspiring images courtesy of surface pattern designer Veronica Galbraith. Twelve of her designs have been featured in Texitura, the print design trend magazine.

Texitura Printing Design Magazine, Issue 49

Texitura is well established with a history of over thirty years of publications in pattern trend prediction. It is created by a group of trend forecasters based in Spain, with two issues a year - in January and July.
Surface pattern designer Veronica Galbraith is one of the artists featured in the most recent edition, and she has kindly allowed me to share these images with you. Veronica's designs are featured under three key print trends - the first: Bloom Bloom (big florals in vibrant colours.)

 The second: UFO-ture (alien nature environments.)


And lastly: Re-Play (reuse and recycle.)

Texitura  features the contributions of designers from all around the world. It also includes palettes and Pantone references, and a CD-rom with over 200 vector files. Visit the Texitura website to purchase a copy of this issue, or visit Veronica Galbraith's blog Pitter Pattern to learn more about this talented designer.


  1. Good to have you back, Brenda - and with such a brilliant collection!

    1. Thanks Judy. It is nice to be back. I'm super-inspired with all the new work I'm seeing. I am looking forward to catching up with all your news and design too.

  2. Hi Brenda, you've resurfaced... Yay!
    But now I HAVE to buy that book... Darn!

    1. Hi Trina! Yes...I'm back, and have sooooo much to catch up on! X

  3. Thanks Brenda for the lovely post, you're a star!