Monday, April 29, 2013

Two Talented Ladies: Laura Escalante Mora and Trina Esquivelzeta

I've been unwell lately and I feel like I have completely lost my mojo! I need a lift, so I have the work here of two talented ladies that I recently worked through The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design with. With these inspiring images I hope to kick-start some of that wonderful creative energy that I had before I got sick. Thank you Laura Escalante Mora and Trina Esquivelzeta for being a source of inspiration!

Laura Escalante Mora

Trina Esquivelzeta (Surface Hug)

 These ladies are just two of the wonderful, supportive and talented friends I made during the course. The network of girls that I have linked with and shared work and resources with was one of the many highlights of the online course, and probably the most surprising. It is the obvious place for me to start in my search for inspiration this week. Thank you girls!

Be sure to check out more of Laura's beautiful work at her Behance site, and you'll find more of Trina's stunning florals over at the Surface Hug blog.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Super-cute Dress-Up-Dolls by Adolie Day

Thanks to Nataly at Chocovenyl for sharing these super-cute Dress-Up-Doll wall stickers with me. They are by Adolie Day - a French artist who has designed for Kenzo and Catmini, published books, exhibited in Bon Marche Paris, Galeries Lafayettte and more. 

Dress-up Dolls Wall Stickers by Adolie Day
Dress-up Dolls Wall Stickers by Adolie Day

The Dress-up-dolls can work like a puzzle - swap heads and legs, mix them up and match the pieces. There are eight dolls in total: Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Fairy, Ballerina, Princess, Cat Girl, Mouse Girl and of course Super Girl! You'll find them at Chocovenyl, You may also like to visit Adolie Day's blog to see more of her work, or learn more about her via her US agent Lilla Rogers.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Exquisite Stationery by Amy Butler

This morning I am excited by these stunning stationery items designed by Amy Butler. Amy's designs are a constant source of inspiration for me; the colour and detail in her work shows incredible skill and talent. 

Cameo Stationery Set by Amy Butler

Sticky Note and To-Do List Set + Eco Journal, by Amy Butler

Journal made with recycled paper, by Amy Butler

Stationery Set featuring note cards and envelopes, by Amy Butler

Portfolio of sticky notes, sticky flags, and to-do lists; by Amy Butler

These items are available to pre-order at Chronicle Books and Amazon. Indulge yourself!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Get Creative With Barcodes! Artist Steve Simpson Shows Us How

My inspiration today comes from illustrator Steve Simpson whose creativity is apparent in every detail, right down to barcodes.
"Barcodes grace almost every product we sell. Considering how much package real estate they command, why shouldn't they be more fun?" he says. 
Too right! Steve's examples of illustrated bar codes certainly add character and sophistication to the overall product packaging design:

Snappy Flossers

Snappy Flossers

Chilly Moo frozen yogurt

Chilly Moo frozen yogurt

Chilly Moo frozen yogurt

Mic's Chilli BBQ Sauce

Mic's Chilli Sweet Chilli Sauce

Whitebeam album (CD)

Whitebeam album (CD)
From WIP VooDoo Pets

If this idea appeals to you, Steve has generously given away some tips on how to achieve the best result when illustrating a barcode. You'll find those tips and more images of Steve's work over at his Behance portfolio.

Originally from Manchester, England but now firmly based in Ireland, Steve Simpson is a freelance illustrative designer working in the areas of packaging design, illustration and art for children’s books. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Texitura Advanced Print Trends for S/S14: Featuring Veronica Galbraith

Kicking off again (following a short break) with some enormously inspiring images courtesy of surface pattern designer Veronica Galbraith. Twelve of her designs have been featured in Texitura, the print design trend magazine.

Texitura Printing Design Magazine, Issue 49

Texitura is well established with a history of over thirty years of publications in pattern trend prediction. It is created by a group of trend forecasters based in Spain, with two issues a year - in January and July.
Surface pattern designer Veronica Galbraith is one of the artists featured in the most recent edition, and she has kindly allowed me to share these images with you. Veronica's designs are featured under three key print trends - the first: Bloom Bloom (big florals in vibrant colours.)

 The second: UFO-ture (alien nature environments.)


And lastly: Re-Play (reuse and recycle.)

Texitura  features the contributions of designers from all around the world. It also includes palettes and Pantone references, and a CD-rom with over 200 vector files. Visit the Texitura website to purchase a copy of this issue, or visit Veronica Galbraith's blog Pitter Pattern to learn more about this talented designer.