Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two Very Different Styles, One Massive Impact! Martinich & Carran

One of my favourite reads on the net over the past week is an article over at The Design Files about creative partnership Rowena Martinich and Geoffrey Carran. The Melbourne-based artists have recently launched  Martinich & Carran - an amazing collaborative project that sees the artists' two very different painting styles, complementing each other brilliantly, on products for the homewares market.

Paintings by Geoffrey Carran 

Paintings by Rowena Martinich

The Rose Painting (below) was the pair's first collaboration, and was reproduced onto fabric by Michelle Francis from Frankie & Swiss. This striking result inspired further collaboration and the creation of the Martinich & Carran brand.

Rose Painting by Geoffrey Carran and Rowena Martinich

These outrageously gorgeous and unique cushions are the first pieces to emerge. The cushions are printed with natural pigment dyes on organic cotton/hemp and have feather down inners. More importantly though, they feature Geoffrey Carran's paintings on one side and Rowena Martinich's paintings on the other. The marriage of styles makes a great impact; the two complement each other beautifully. 

Sulphur Crested Cushion by Martinich & Carran

Sulphur Crests Cushion by Martinich & Carran

Joseph Banks ii Cushion by Martinich & Carran

Gough Cushion by Martinich & Carran

Male Gang Gang Cushion by Martinich & Carran

 Cocky Landing Cushion by Martinich & Carran

Grooming Cushion by Martinich & Carran

Rowena and Geoffrey's story has a delightful romantic element too. I encourage you to read the article over at The Design Files where author Lucy has presented a lovely account of the couple, their art, and their meeting. You can also view more of the artists' respective art practices by visiting and The website for the pair's collaborative work is over at

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  1. Fascinating! It's as if 1+1 makes a lot more than 2 and almost makes me wish I could find someone to collaborate with!