Monday, February 4, 2013

A Little Lesson for a Little Frog: That's Mine! by Michel Van Zeveren

That's Mine! by Michel Van Zeveren
Published in New Zealand by Gecko Press

I've had it said to me a million times in my life: "Be careful what you wish for". Here the lesson is for a little frog who finds an egg. 'Aha...that's mine', he claims. But other creatures in the mighty jungle also covet the mysterious treasure: "...ssssmine," says the snake. "Ack...ack...ack...actually, it's mine," says the eagle. "...tis mine,' says the lizard, and a fight ensues. But then in a sudden twist, no one wants it:

That's Mine! by Michel Van Zeveren

The story ends with an unexpected double twist completing the tale with humour. The illustrations are expressive and have a distinctly hand-drawn look that I think children find very appealing. This book is a hit with my three-year-old girl, but better suited a slightly older child (advertised as suitable for 4+, I would say that is spot on). This is a charming book told with clarity; another goodie from Gecko Press.

That's Mine! by Michel Van Zeveren 
Published by Gecko Press (NZ) 1 February 2012
Origin: Belgium
Ages 4+,  36 pages
ISBN: 978-1-877579-27-1 (hardback)
ISBN: 978-1-877579-28-8 (paperback)
About the Author/Illustrator
Michel Van Zeveren was born in Belgium in 1970. He studied animation (wanting to be the next Walt Disney) before discovering the joy of children's book illustration. He lives in Brussels, Belgium with his wife and daughter.

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