Friday, January 11, 2013

Summer Holiday; Illustration by Mike Howie

It's took us a whole day to pack. The car is carefully organised like a jigsaw (that surely can never be put together a second time); we've put someone in charge of the chaos at home, and we are off camping! 
Question: Is going away for a very short time worth the overwhelming effort of packing? 
Question: Four stunning beaches on a private farm, and very little to do but eat, drink, swim, and lay about in the sun, OR two little poppets (and their parents) confined to a tent and only a small tin of Lego, a couple of books, and some colouring-in pens. I'll let you know...

 This is us! 
Illustration by my partner, Mike Howie.

Copyright © 2013 Michael Howie


  1. Great illustration - takes me back to when my kids were small. We once had all the suitcases fly off our car's roof going down the M4, heading for Wales! I was heavily pregnant but dodged in and out of the traffic, picking up little shoes and socks that were scattered over the motorway - later stopped by a policeman who had received a report of an 'obstruction on the motorway' - probably me!

    As for the questions - I once read that it isn't worth going away for less than two weeks because there isn't time to get over the stress of packing and making sure everything at home is taken care of.

    And as for the first question

    1. That's classic Judy! Thanks for sharing your story - had us laughing over that! I can just imagine it. We were unsure about whether it is worth it or not, but we decided it was - for the kids sake - it gives them some new experiences. I had a couple of moments of bliss that are hard to come by in life, but it was hard work with two littlies. If it had have rained it could have been dreadful. It wasn't though, we had a nice time; but really, 3 nights is the absolute minimum for me with little ones. Too much stuff!