Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Inspiration for Pattern and Print Designers - Link Digest 2

Eeeeeee, I said I would blog more frequently didn't I! Well...Christmas is the exception. I've been kicking back with a glass of wine in hand, and I have to say it feels good after such a RUSH RUSH RUSH year. I sat back with Mike last night and watched a movie for the first time in I-don't-know-how-long. We saw The Lady directed by Luc Besson. WOW, what an incredibly inspiring woman (and film).
I never stop thinking about surface pattern design though, so I have plenty of great online destinations to share with you. I hope you find something here to inspire.

Surface Pattern/Graphic Design 

 Sarah Andreacchio


Have you seen the new pieces by Sarah Andreacchio over at L'affiche Moderne? As well as the lovely illustrations above, there is a beautiful ABC print. There are also some incredible vintage illustrations on her blog My Vintage Avenue.

Jonathan Calugi


Jonathan Calugi recently posted a new project over at his Behance site showcasing some of his work, past to present. There are some fantastic graphics and some super-inspiring font designs. 



 Rick Berkelmans, who designs under the studio name Hedof, recently worked on three designs for Lipton Tea Tins. They are stunning and well worth checking out. You'll find all three designs at his Behance site.



December 12 has been a visual feast over at the Isak blog! Head over for a month packed with inspiring images and beautiful gift ideas (yes I know Christmas is over, but we have birthdays galore coming up in our family!)

Matte Stephens 


Illustrator Matte Stephens has created some lovely illustrations for instore games (iPad app) at Tiffany & Co. View the illustrations and read more about it at Grain Edit, or visit the Matte Stephens blog.

Frankie Gift Paper Book

Love this gift paper book seen on Gems. Buy it over at Frankie Press.

I Love Illustration

Over at I Love Illustration I have discovered some spectacular artists. 

The first is Marlise, a Holland-based illustrator. Read the article and view more images here.

The second is Bernadette Pascua. Read the article and see a large selection of her fashion illustrations here.

Children's Fashion

Mini Rodini


Mini Rodini have given us a sneak peek at their Spring Summer 13 collection. Motifs include hearts, fish, boats, teddies, flamingos, and in true Mini Rodini fashion some bolder designs such as leopards and panthers. Head over to Facebook to view these and more. Or visit the Mini Rodini website.

Making Life Easier

Have you discovered the Bloglovin' app for iPhones?  I am one happy-chappy with this!
And the Flickr app for iPhones. As soon as I remember my username and password I'll give is a go (doh!)

For the Kids



This is a fun idea raising money for charity. Motis is an ad agency in Sanford, N.C., and this year they designed an interactive holiday story about Jellybean the tiger, who is based on a real tiger at Carolina Tiger Rescue, a wild cat sanctuary in Pittsboro, N.C. 
Motis would like to invite you to make and share a Mottisimal, a make-believe creature whose differences are celebrated, inside and out. For each one shared, they'll donate $1 to Jellybean and his pals. Try it, it's fun for the little ones!

Signing off...'s gotten late again, and I have another movie to watch. I hope you have found this inspiring. Pop back in a day or two for a fashion post that I am super-excited about. Sorry about any oddities in this post; clearly I need a tutorial in using blogger. Some strange goings-on since I started using headings and sub-headings! Merry Christmas all. X

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