Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ellen Giggenbach Christmas Printables

It's been a while since my last post and I even feel naughty doing one now, because there are so many other things that demand my time at the moment. One of my main distractions is Module Two of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design. I recently completed Module One and it was fantastic. I am now in my second week of Module Two and it is soooooo exciting and inspiring! I am horribly behind in my exercises though and am resigned to the fact that I have more to do in a day than a mum can possibly squeeze in, so I cannot give it or Kitty as a Picture nearly as much time as I would like. But that's life. (Mine anyway.)
Despite the tired haze that is my head at the moment, I came out of denial today and realised that Christmas is super close now and I have given it...well..NO thought whatsoever. Thankfully one of my favourite artists, Ellen Giggenbach, has been preparing. She has created these amazing printables that are now available in her Etsy store. I adore!

Printable Christmas Angels by Ellen Giggenbach

Printable Christmas Angels and House Lantern by Ellen Giggenbach

Printable Christmas Angels and House Lantern by Ellen Giggenbach

Printable Christmas House Lantern by Ellen Giggenbach

Christmas printables by Ellen Giggenbach

Ellen was born in Bavaria, Germany, but is now living in Wellington, New Zealand. (Yes kiwi readers, we can proudly claim her as one of ours!)  While many people admire Ellen's work, some don't realise that all of Ellen's work is cleverly crafted with paper. Ellen takes a variety of art papers and gives them colour and texture using vibrant acrylic paint. From these she cuts out graphic shapes that she then assembles into an artwork. Ellen's German heritage adds an element of folk to her work, and she is very much inspired by the 50s, 60s and 'even the 70s!' Visit Ellen's website or blog to see more of her work, and don't forget to go to her Etsy shop to purchase her adorable Christmas printables. What could make a house more joyful in the festive season!

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