Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Artist Emma Gale - A Love of Pattern and Colour

The work of Emma Gale grabbed my attention today on Pinterest. It is the colour and texture within the work that excites me. Emma often creates a strong contrast, using black and white, from which colour pops out with intense vibrancy. These acrylic and/or mixed media pieces have so many interesting elements, patterns, and textures within them that it comes as no surprise to learn that Emma has a background in textile design.

Never Ever Land; acrylic on canvas, by Emma Gale 
110 x 110 cm

Tweedle Dum, mixed media on paper, by Emma Gale 
76 x 56 cm

Mi Pasion; mixed media on paper, by Emma Gale
76 x 56 cm

Oslo; mixed media and collage on paper, by Emma Gale 
76 x56 cm

Wise Old Owl; Finalist Art Felt Art Prize 2011,
collage, pencil on paper, by Emma Gale 76 x 56 cm

Bongo; acrylic on canvas
130 x 100 cm
Kingdom; acrylic on canvas, by Emma Gale 
130 x 110 cm

Emma is an Australian artist who is based in Bangalow in Northern New South Wales. In her artist statement she begins:

My work demonstrates and celebrates a deep love of pattern and colour colliding with text and form. Inspiration comes from everywhere; objects that surround my daily life, thoughts that come into play, words that send a message or direct a theme, all draw my attention. I draw on a subject not simply to show its quirkiness or beauty but to tell of its existence. My work draws from the rural landscape igniting my imagination and creativity on a daily basis. 

You can read the rest of Emma's artist statement at Anthea Polson Art, and you can view more of her work there too. To keep up with her news you may like to follow her on Facebook.


  1. I adore Emma's work. Her zebras and deer have always been my favourites, but really love Mi Passion that you've featured. x