Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sneaky Sam App for iPhone and iPad - Binny Talib and Josh Stewart

Sneaky Sam Application for iPhone and iPad

It's been all tears lately for my toddler, Cleo, who has been sick again and again with winter ills. What a wonderful pick-me-up today to see her so delighted with Sneaky Sam, an application for the iPhone and iPad. Sneaky Sam was written and created by Josh Stewart, illustrated by award winning illustrator Binny Talib, and narrated by well known Australian actor Felix Williamson (Me & My Monsters, Happy Feet.) Children can read Sneaky Sam by themselves, or have it narrated to them. It tells the story of a little boy called Sam who is just a little bit sneaky but wholly lovable. The story is sweet, the artwork has plenty of appeal, and the app includes three games for further entertainment. Cleo, at three and a half years, is the perfect age to enjoy Sneaky Sam, but it is also ideal for older children who are learning to read. As well as the storybook, Cleo became fascinated with the 'Stickers' where she could choose from a large selection of pre-drawn items and place them where she wanted to create a unique picture of her own. It is compelling even for an adult!
Here are some of the gorgeous characters from Sneaky Sam

Characters from Sneaky Sam, illustrated by Binny Talib

Binny's limited palette works to great effect, and keeps the visuals clean and uncomplicated. I love having apps like this for those critical moments when I need my daughter to quieten down or be distracted momentarily. What a lifesaver they can be! Sneaky Sam by Binny Talib and Josh Stewart is fun and at the same time educational; it definitely gets the thumbs up from me and Cleo!

Visit the Sneaky Sam website to find out more, or purhase at the App Store. Find out more about Australian illustrator Binny Talib at her website. Read a previous post about Binny Talib here.

A huge thanks to Binny Talib for introducing me and Cleo to this fabulous App!

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