Friday, August 31, 2012

More from Talent QueenieBrowne!

A little while ago I wrote a post about Louise Browne aka QueenieBrowne - a designer based in Glasgow who was working hard to create her new label. I have been seeing some amazing new designs or hers popping up from time to time on Facebook, and the latest news is that QueenieBrowne is now on Etsy. I would like to share a few more images of hers, some of which are now available as prints or cards in her Etsy store.

Print by QueenieBrowne

The image above is a stag head - did you see it?

Print by QueenieBrowne

Print by QueenieBrowne

Print by QueenieBrowne 

Scarf design by QueenieBrowne

Scarf designs by QueenieBrowne

Greeting cards by QueenieBrowne

Louise is loading products into her new Etsy store at the moment, and also has a QueenieBrowne website in the pipeline. Be sure to make a visit to her Etsy store soon because you will find more than just printed material; there are some very sweet brooches and some animal character lavender bags. Who knows what other treats she has in store for us next. Whatever they are, I know they'll be good!

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