Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Marc Boutavant Cards and Wrap at 1973

If there is something fabulous out there, you can bet that Deborah Beau of Kickcan and Conkers will spot it! These fun cards and a matching gift-wrap by French artist Marc Boutavant appeared on her blog a few days ago. I adore them!

Trekker Marc Boutavant Postcard

Croquet Marc Boutavant Postcard

Bicycle Marc Boutavant Postcard

Out at Sea Marc Boutavant Postcard

Skipping Bear Marc Boutavant Postcard

Panda Marc Boutavant Postcard

Flowers Marc Boutavant Postcard

Golf Marc Boutavant Postcard

Marc Boutavant Gift Wrap

The postcard designs are also available as greeting cards, and are new at 1973 - Makers of beautiful paper things. Can't argue with that!

About Marc Boutavant
Marc Boutavant is a graphic artist, illustrator and comic strip author. He has illustrated numerous young people’s books with Actes Sud junior, Nathan, Seuil jeunesse and Mila. For Albin Michel Jeunesse, he illustrated Le Popotin de l’hippopo for the Zephyr collection. In 2002, he started to create his own animal universe with Mouk, his own series of childrens' books, at Éditions in Milan. He was born in in Borgogne in 1970 and lives in Paris.

The information above is from the Gecko Press website, New Zealand publisher of Around the World with Mouk, authored and illustrated by Marc Boutavant.

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  1. Great to see one of my finds over here - have a wonderful week!