Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Mini Moderns Backgammon Print

I went through a phase of backgammon obsession nearly twenty years ago, but the pastime became a craze in the seventies when I was too young to appreciate it. Mini Moderns founders Keith and Mark say that from an early age they were both obsessed with the glamorous connotations of Backgammon, as well as its graphic geometry. The design duo explain: "We thought the interplay between chevrons and discs made for a dynamic pattern - the ideal combination for one of our few purely abstract patterns."

Backgammon Wallpaper - Mustard by Mini Moderns

Backgammon Wallpaper - Harvest Orange by Mini Moderns
Also available in Chalkhill Blue, and Concrete

The seventies is the decade that acts as a backdrop for the Buddha of Suburbia collection at Mini Moderns, and the new Backgammon design is part of this collection. The really exciting news is that the collection doesn't end there; Mini Moderns have once again paired with Magpie to create a complementary porcelain range. Rather than merely repeating the pattern on porcelain they have mixed it up a bit to create a truly inspiring set. The gift-boxed set consists of four mugs, four tea plates, four espresso cups and four saucers. Divine!

Backgammon Gift-boxed Porcelain Set
 Mini Moderns in collaboration with Magpie

And don't miss the stunning coordinating cushions:

Mini Moderns Jacquet and Chouette Cushions, Harvest Orange
Also available in Chalkhill Blue

Visit the Mini Moderns website to see all of their fabulous interiors products. They are also new to Facebook, so why not pop over and 'like' them, because seriously, who wouldn't like Mini Moderns!

Many thanks to David at Mini Moderns for allowing Kitty as a Picture Surface Design Blog permission to publish these images. 

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