Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Miss Print Fabrics and Wallpapers

My newest addiction is Pinterest. I have deliberately tried to stay away from it knowing I would quickly become addicted. But now that I'm on it, well...there's no going back. It's just too fabulous!
Some days the same images pop up everywhere, and today it is the Dandelion Mobile print by Miss Print. It appears as fabric and as wallpaper:

Dandelion Mobile Wallpaper
Porcelain with powder blue

  Dandelion Mobile Fabric
Sunflower yellow with white

Dandelion Mobile Fabric
Mist green with white

I am a fan of the Muscat wallpaper designs too:

Muscat Wallpaper Orange 

Muscat Small Wallpaper - Duck Egg Blue

Miss Print's designs all originate from hand-drawn illustrations. Visit the Miss Print website to see all their collections and colour ranges.

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