Monday, June 11, 2012

Finnish Children's Clothing Label - Aarrekid

Some time ago I wrote an article about Finnish children's clothing label Aarrekid. Well, they are still designing fabulous printed garments and I would like to show you their most recent print designed by Miia Kajaani.

Short Sleeved T-shirt by Aarrekid, print by Miia Kajaani
The design is so exquisitely detailed that each garment looks unique depending on the way the pattern has been cut. You'll see this long-sleeved tee has a different focus to the short-sleeved tee above:

 Long Sleeved T-shirt by Aarrekid, print by Miia Kajaani

 Baby Blanket/Wrap by Aarrekid, print by Miia Kajaani

 Close examination of the all-over print reveals a cute whale design within it. It looks adorable on this singlet:

Whale Singlet by Aarrekid, print by Miia Kajaani

Don't miss my original article on Aarrekid which introduces the label and shows more fabulous printed garments. And be sure to pop over to the Aarrekid website to see their entire range of kids' clothing.

Thanks to Aarrekid for allowing Kitty as a Picture Illustration and Surface Design Blog to publish these images. 


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