Thursday, June 21, 2012

Exquisite Littlephant 2012 New Releases

It was uncanny really. I remembered a post I wrote early last year about Littlephant - a Swedish brand created by designer Camilla Lundsten - and I thought, 'Gosh, it's been a while... Littlephant probably has a whole host of stunning new products.' I sat down at my computer with the intent of following up that thought, but first I visited Pinterest because I always have a quick peek at Pinterest before I get stuck into anything. (It's a wonderful new addiction!) So, I opened Pinterest and what did I see?
Littlephant mugs!

Littlephant Mugs

These mugs are part of an extensive new range of products, just released by Littlephant, that I am going to thoroughly enjoy introducing to you! Littlephant has taken a huge leap, extending their collection from mostly paper goods into all kinds of exquisite products for mum, baby, and the home. Starting with the day bag... 

Day Bags

These bags are ideal as an everyday bag or for on-the-go with baby. They have lots of handy pockets, leather detailing, and fit a 13 inch laptop. A clever additional feature is a crochet ball that decorates the zip; it can be removed and is suitable for baby to play with. Cute! 
 Littlephant day bags Spring 2012
Available in 8 designs


Who doesn't love pillows! These decoration pillows come in 8 different prints, and there are three sizes in the range. Nice! 

Littlephant decoration pillows

Messenger Bags/Baby Changing Bags

These bags can be used as a day bag, but are the perfect companion for a mum on the move. They have plenty of pockets, adjustable straps, leather detailing, and fit a 13-17 inch laptop. They also include a portable baby-changing diaper mat, and mobility straps that allow you to hang them from the back of a stroller. Want!

 Littlephant Messenger Bags

Baby Blankets and Baby Comforters

Soft cotton blankets and comforters, thoughtfully printed with natural colours (no bleach or dye), and finished with a lovely touch - a loop to secure it to your baby carrier or pram. At the top of the image you can see (slightly blurred) a pram necklace. This, and some crochet playballs are also new products. Adorable!

Littlephant Baby Comforters and Blankets
Available in three colourways 

Wall Stickers  

Not only the sweetest giraffe I have ever seen, but a wall sticker that measures the growth of little people. Gorgeous!

Littlephant Wall Sticker - Giraffe Measuring Height Ruler
Also available in Harlequin

Littlephant Wall Stickers - Littletown and Balloons

Fabric by the Metre

Yes, you read it correctly!!! You can make your own creations and decorate your home with the same beautiful fabrics that Littlephant use on their decoration pillows and bags. Need!

Littlephant Fabric by the Metre

And don't forget what Littlephant first became known for - fun and vibrant cards, invitations, books and graphic prints. Love!   

Littlephant Graphic Prints
Top: Nina Style Bottom: Littletown

Littlephant Graphic Print: Giraffes

Isn't it all completely divine! You can view their entire collection on  the new revamped Littlephant website that is due to go live before the end of June. In the meantime, if you want to know more about Littlephant or would like to see more of their products, you may like to read my previous post.

A huge thanks to Camilla for allowing Kitty as a Picture Illustration and Surface Design Blog permission to publish these images.

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