Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tove Johansson Surface Pattern

Browsing the web yesterday I stumbled upon a post at Bloesem about Tove Johansson. Here is a designer whose work I will watch closely. Often when I find a designer I like I pick through their site to find my favourite images, but with Tove Johansson's work there is not a piece that I could happily leave out! At times like this I find myself short of words. Given that Kitty as a Picture is about finding things that inspire and excite me, how many different ways can there be to say 'I love this!'? And what is left to say when I find a designer like Tove who I think really stands out?

Kitchen towel in ‘tivoli’ by Tove Johansson

Table cloth in ‘tivoli’ by Tove Johansson

Cushion in ‘tivoli’ by Tove Johansson

Mixed cushions by Tove Johansson

Stationery in ‘rand & ruta’, ‘drops’ & ‘tivoli' by Tove Johansson

Cushion in 'drops' by Tove Johansson

Wallpaper in ‘svala’ & mixed pillows by Tove Johansson

 Tunica in ‘happy checks’ by Tove Johansson

The Clover Cushion by Tove Johansson

Lamp in ‘rand & ruta’ by Tove Johansson

Wrapping paper in ‘black cats’ & ‘svampar’ by Tove Johansson

Cushion in ‘black cats’ by Tove Johansson

My daughter and I play a game where I say, "How much does your mummy love you?" and she says "lots and lots and lots and lots and lots," and it is very cute because until recently she spoke in that clumsy way that toddlers do, and it was more like "yots and yots and yots and yots". Anyway, if someone were to ask me "How much do you love Tove's designs?" I would say "Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots!" 

Tove Johansson is a Swedish designer based in Paris working in fashion, textiles and illustration. Educated at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design with a BA in fashion design and marketing, she worked for Christian Lacroix, later running womenswear label Rosetta with partner Petra Borner as well as freelancing for fashion and trend & forecasting companies. Today she works with clients within fashion, textiles, paper goods and interior. She is currently working to set up a web shop where you will be able to purchase some of her exquisite goods. In the meantime, you can visit Tove's website for any updates.

Photography by Aurélie Lécuyer

A huge thanks to Tove Johansson for allowing Kitty as a Picture Illustration and Surface Design Blog permission to publish these images.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Day of School by Appracadabra

Taking a little side-step from what I usually post about, but still relevant I believe due to the extremely nice graphics, this application from Appracadabra is worth a look:

‘How many days until I have to go to school?’ - with the First Day of School Countdown app by Appracadabra you can help kids keep track of time and prepare for this big event. Count down from day seven by marking off the days in a fun loving way. Watch a little bird getting ready for her first day assisted by a cute monkey and a helpful giraffe. Take a moment each day to talk about going to school - and enjoy a little surprise on the big day itself.
You may enjoy this trailor which gives a better idea of what to expect:

‘First Day of School Countdown’ is created by Dutch illustrator and mom Caroline Ellerbeck of Homemade Happiness. This children’s app is designed especially for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and will be available on the App Store, in July 2012 in 20 different languages. Visit the Appracadabra website to see more fun apps for kids.

Thanks to Appracadabra for allowing Kitty as a Picture Illustration and Surface Design Blog permission to publish these images.

Fabric: Songbird by Carina Gardner

Riley Blake's newest fabric Songbird by Carina Gardner is a modern classic that can be extremely versatile. I like looking at the Riley Blake collections laid out like this because, being new to the industry, it helps me to understand what type of different patterns a designer can put together to make a strong and coherent collection. Songbird comes in three colourways:

Songbird by Carina Gardner (Pink)

Songbird by Carina Gardner (Blue)

Songbird by Carina Gardner (Red)

Visit the Riley Blake website for more information or to view their other collections.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Helen Dardik Illustration for Galison Mudpuppy

Regular readers will know I am a big fan of Helen Dardik, so I just couldn't resist showing this beautiful illustration she did recently for Galison Mudpuppy. It has a fairy theme and appears on a 42 piece puzzle for ages 3+.

Illustration by Helen Dardik for Galison Mudpuppy

Exquisitely detailed and with Helen's usual mastery of colour it has all the elements (fairies, castles, flowers, butterflies) guaranteed to send a little girl like mine giddy with excitement. I'm going to buy it for Cleo for Christmas - that's a promise.

A huge thanks to Helen Dardik for allowing Kitty as a Picture Illustration and Surface Design Blog permission to publish images of her work.

Printed Fashion - New Generals Spring Summer 2013

When it comes to printed graphics for children's fashion, Danish label New Generals is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Their Spring Summer 2013 collection features some particularly strong designs that I would like to feature today.

New Generals Spring Summer 2013

New Generals Spring Summer 2013

New Generals Spring Summer 2013

Staying true to their signature style the collection features a subdued palette of black, grey, white, dusty blue and introduces splashes of dusty pink. Contrast is at the heart of the designs allowing the crisp graphics the focus they deserve. Themes of beetles and butterflies continue but are presented in fresh and interesting ways. Intriguing geometric graphics appear adding interest and balance to a bold and beautiful collection.

 New Generals Spring Summer 2013

New Generals Spring Summer 2013

New Generals Spring Summer 2013

New Generals Spring Summer 2013

New Generals take what they call an 'ethicool' stance, using certified organic materials and remaining fashion cool while always considering their impact on the environment. I'm really liking this fashion label - it's refreshing and original, and I believe it becomes more sophisticated with each season. Visit the New Generals website to learn more about their ethicool approach and to view their current collections. 

Thanks to New Generals for allowing Kitty as a Picture Illustration and Surface Design Blog permission to publish these images.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Tattyoo - Art that will stick to you!

It surprises me to find I am blogging about tattoos, but Swiss brand Tattyoo is not at all out of place on Kitty as a Picture. Tattyoo, temporary tattoos for kids and adults, has launched this month with fourteen designs that comprise the first collection. Tattyoo is working with renowned artists from around the globe, and giving them artistic freedom. From their press release:

Proudly displaying an anchor as its emblem, Tattyoo sails the unchartered water of creativity to discover new territories for contemporary illustration. The idea is to give a range of multi-faceted artists carte blanche so that their pent up fantasies may surface.

I believe that in itself makes the brand a fascinating one to watch. I've selected a few of my favourite Tattyoos from the kids range:

Tattyoo: Party Bunny by Kate Larsen 

Tattyoo: Anchor Aweigh! by Anna Kövecses
Tattyoo: Sailorbear by Ingela P. Arrhenius

Other artists who contributed to the first collection are:
Beavory (Israel), Emily Dumas (USA), Jamie Cullen (UK), Janine Rewell (Finland), Leatherette alias Elena Montesinos (Switzerland), Marie Assénat (France), Notanotherbill (UK), and Zara Gonzalez Hoang (USA). 
I'm very curious to see how Tattyoo evolves, but I think they are off to a good start. As well as new designs that are currently in development, limited editions - signed and numbered - are planned for the future. Tattyoo is also offering custom tailored temporary tattoos that provide an alternative to traditional marketing or for unique gift ideas. Be sure to visit the Tattyoo website to see all fourteen designs and to learn more about the contributing artists.

Many thanks to Tattyoo for allowing Kitty as a Picture Illustration and Surface Design Blog permission to publish these images.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Exquisite Littlephant 2012 New Releases

It was uncanny really. I remembered a post I wrote early last year about Littlephant - a Swedish brand created by designer Camilla Lundsten - and I thought, 'Gosh, it's been a while... Littlephant probably has a whole host of stunning new products.' I sat down at my computer with the intent of following up that thought, but first I visited Pinterest because I always have a quick peek at Pinterest before I get stuck into anything. (It's a wonderful new addiction!) So, I opened Pinterest and what did I see?
Littlephant mugs!

Littlephant Mugs

These mugs are part of an extensive new range of products, just released by Littlephant, that I am going to thoroughly enjoy introducing to you! Littlephant has taken a huge leap, extending their collection from mostly paper goods into all kinds of exquisite products for mum, baby, and the home. Starting with the day bag... 

Day Bags

These bags are ideal as an everyday bag or for on-the-go with baby. They have lots of handy pockets, leather detailing, and fit a 13 inch laptop. A clever additional feature is a crochet ball that decorates the zip; it can be removed and is suitable for baby to play with. Cute! 
 Littlephant day bags Spring 2012
Available in 8 designs


Who doesn't love pillows! These decoration pillows come in 8 different prints, and there are three sizes in the range. Nice! 

Littlephant decoration pillows

Messenger Bags/Baby Changing Bags

These bags can be used as a day bag, but are the perfect companion for a mum on the move. They have plenty of pockets, adjustable straps, leather detailing, and fit a 13-17 inch laptop. They also include a portable baby-changing diaper mat, and mobility straps that allow you to hang them from the back of a stroller. Want!

 Littlephant Messenger Bags

Baby Blankets and Baby Comforters

Soft cotton blankets and comforters, thoughtfully printed with natural colours (no bleach or dye), and finished with a lovely touch - a loop to secure it to your baby carrier or pram. At the top of the image you can see (slightly blurred) a pram necklace. This, and some crochet playballs are also new products. Adorable!

Littlephant Baby Comforters and Blankets
Available in three colourways 

Wall Stickers  

Not only the sweetest giraffe I have ever seen, but a wall sticker that measures the growth of little people. Gorgeous!

Littlephant Wall Sticker - Giraffe Measuring Height Ruler
Also available in Harlequin

Littlephant Wall Stickers - Littletown and Balloons

Fabric by the Metre

Yes, you read it correctly!!! You can make your own creations and decorate your home with the same beautiful fabrics that Littlephant use on their decoration pillows and bags. Need!

Littlephant Fabric by the Metre

And don't forget what Littlephant first became known for - fun and vibrant cards, invitations, books and graphic prints. Love!   

Littlephant Graphic Prints
Top: Nina Style Bottom: Littletown

Littlephant Graphic Print: Giraffes

Isn't it all completely divine! You can view their entire collection on  the new revamped Littlephant website that is due to go live before the end of June. In the meantime, if you want to know more about Littlephant or would like to see more of their products, you may like to read my previous post.

A huge thanks to Camilla for allowing Kitty as a Picture Illustration and Surface Design Blog permission to publish these images.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sandie Gardiner - Illustrator and Fabric Designer

Here are a couple of very sweet images from illustrator Sandie Gardiner. I believe most or all of these designs are planned for fabric:

Sandie is a freelance illustrator based in the Cotswolds, UK. Since completing a degree in Printed Textiles she has worked extensively in the greetings industry. She is experienced in character development, giftware, packaging, wrap, fabric design, and of course cards. She is currently working on a new range of fabrics which she has earmarked for toddler tees and baby wear. Visit her website to see her sizeable portfolio.

Many thanks to Sandie for allowing Kitty as a Picture Illustration and Surface Design Blog to publish these images.