Saturday, May 12, 2012

Masutti & Masutti - Reusing and Redesigning Vintage Furniture and Textiles

I was helping a friend with some work the other day and we inevitably became distracted with talk of all kinds of things including our wish-list for home furnishings. Karen introduced me to Masutti & Masutti, and I fell in love with this '60s brocade lamp:

Eduordo lamp - Gloss gold lacquered vintage standardlamp base
with a drum shade in a 1960's jade green brocade. Lined with pink velvet,
it has a brass lampholder and bayonet switch at the neck.
Bottom image: Close-up of the 60s brocade also used on a stool. 

Masutti and Masutti reuse and redesign vintage furniture and textiles to create original one-off furnishings. The embroideries used are folk art, sourced largely from the Silk Road, and are steeped in tribal meaning. Masutti and Massuti recycle these textiles combining them with other vintage fabrics and contemporary velvets to create extroardinary pieces with both a vintage and a modern feel.

Yellow Rose Chaise - A midcentury chaise upholstered in a rare yellow Central Asian nuptial embroidery,
combined with a mix of rose pink french cotton velvets and edged with an antique-gold trim.
The back is in a vintage golden yellow 60's brocade.

Lydia - Midcentury stool with a fuschia pink velvet seat bordered
by vintage 60's emerald and bronze brocade.

Midcentury stool bordered by hand-embroidery on black velvet,
fuschia pink velvet and emerald and bronze seat finished with a Lakai woven strap.. 

It doesn't all appeal to me, but there are some fascinating pieces. Visit the Masutti and Masutti website to see the complete collection.  

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