Thursday, May 31, 2012

Famille Summerbelle - Papercuts and Prints

 My newest sponsor Tiny Revolution has introduced me to the charming Famille Summerbelle. The Anglo/French pair Simon Summerscales and Julie Marabelle have created some astounding paper-cut scenes of London, Paris, New York, and San Francisco. Laser cut replicas are available for sale on their website as well as a host of other products including hand screen prints of the paper cut designs.

 Paris Map Blue Screen Print

Paris Map Blue Screen Print (Close Up)

London Map Red Screen Print

London Map Red Screen Print (close up)

 San Francisco Silver Screen Print

 San Francisco Silver Screen Print (close up)

If you are interested in the process, you can watch a video on the making of the San Francisco Paper cut . Another favourite of mine from Famille Summerbelle is Un Dimanche à Paris (Silver-Yellow) wallpaper:

Un Dimanche à Paris wallpaper

Tiny Revolution is the exclusive retailer of Famille Summerbelle in New Zealand and carries a selection of products from the range. International readers may like to go directly to the Famille Summerbelle site.

Our Little Pet by Mike Howie

My daughter found twenty cents today and asked me if we could go to the pet shop and get another 'kitty-cat'. It was a big fat NO from me! Our once adorable kitten 'Scout' has grown into a not-so-adorable cat who pukes, bites, wakes babies, and does her utmost to trip me up. She has also been known to cause 'fatal errors' on my computer! Now that we have children she seems more needy than ever and is always skulking around looking for attention. This is a comic strip that Mike put together as part of a visual diary for our kids:

Copyright Mike Howie 2012

Read about the artist Mike Howie here.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Nursery Versery - A New Fabric Collection by Heather Ross

Every now and then I see something that I feel so excited about that I can't type fast enough to get it posted on Kitty as a Picture. The new collection Nursery Versery by Heather Ross is one of those very special finds that sends my heart and head into a spin. I absolutely adore it!! And can you see why...

Nursery Versery by Heather Ross for Kokka

Heather's new collection of printed fabrics for Kokka is made up of four prints, each of which is offered in at least three colorways. It's printed on a lightweight cotton linen, a weight that Kokka calls sheeting. The collection will be available in shops and on line in June.

Here is Heather's divine new collection Nursery Versery as laid out on her blog.
Designs from the "PLUM" colourway:

Nursery Versery Fabric Collection by Heather Ross for Kokka

And the 'PINKS" colourway:

Nursery Versery Fabric Collection by Heather Ross for Kokka

And some designs from the "YELLOW AND GREY" colourway:

Nursery Versery Fabric Collection by Heather Ross for Kokka

Heather has a lovely website and blog if you are interested in seeing more of her work, or you can view a previous post about Heather Ross here.

Retro Printed Dresses at ModCloth

I spotted this fabulous Maritime Moxie Dress on Pinterest, pinned by Leah Dent:

Maritime Moxie Dress by Eva Franco

Inspired, I visited the source ModCloth and found some more treasures of surface pattern. A number of my favourties are by designer Eva Franco.

Fantastical Flora Dress - Available at ModCloth

 Floral Palate Dress - Available at ModCloth

Change of Greenery Dress by Eva Franco

Unlocking Luxury Dress by Eva Franco

Palm Springs to Life Dress by Eva Franco

Sunday Diving Skirt by Eva Franco

If you haven't browsed ModCloth yet, you are truly missing out!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Crayonfire - Neil Stevens

Spotted on Pinterest, by Crayonfire image-maker Neil Stevens:

I want I want I want...

Spotted on Fancy, via Nice Room:

The Guy Drew a Gun on Me

Spotted today on Pinterest, pinned by Ward Jenkins:

"The guy drew a gun on me!"
From Symphony In Slang directed by Tex Avery and character designs by Tom Oreb. 1951.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Wallpaper for Kids at Ferm Living

I always look forward to seeing new wallpaper designs by Ferm Living. These new arrivals come not just in wallpaper, but in bedding and cushions too.

Kids Wallpaper: 'Mountain Friends' by Ferm Living

 Kids Wallpaper: 'In the Rain' by Ferm Living

'In the Rain' cushion by Ferm Living 

'Mountain Friends' cushion by Ferm Living

Continuing the hand-drawn style, these bean bags are something a little different:

Olivia Beanbag  + Edward Beanbag by Ferm Living

Pop over to the wonderful Ferm Living website to see all the new goodies.