Saturday, March 3, 2012

'She's Got Your Eyes' by Mike Howie

This is the first sketch in a series to be published on Kitty as a Picture by my partner Mike Howie. He is creating a visual diary based on our family life, and this is a drawing from nearly three years ago when our first child was born. We were reminded of it recently when our second child arrived - we were trying to figure out who he most resembled. Mike, by the way, is inordinately tall. I am short!

Copyright Mike Howie 2009

About Mike

My name is Mike Howie, and the inspiration for these drawings comes from my recent introduction to being a father. I am an illustrator/animator by trade and over recent years, with pen or pencil never too far from grasp, have found myself doodling or thumb-nailing visual notes as a way of capturing the precious moments spent with my wonderful 3yr old daughter Cleo. Also with the recent arrival of a baby boy, Dallas, I imagine I’m going to have my work cut out for me. These drawings were intended to be shown as fresh as possible without too much fuss, so you will find some more refined than others. Hopefully along the way these sketches compiled together will form a visual diary, of Cleo and Dallas’s early years, that they can enjoy later in life. In the meantime I hope readers may get some enjoyment from them. 

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