Thursday, March 8, 2012

Genuine Vintage Fabrics and More

Brisbane-based Funky Fabrix offer a wide range of fabrics including some genuine vintage. Here are a couple of my picks from the New Items and the Original Vintage fabric categories:

Vintage 70s Green Geometric
Genuine vintage fabric, circa 1970s, drapery fabric.

Vintage 70s Green Flower Power
1970s vintage fabric, in amazing condition, straight off original bolt.

Vintage Fabric 60s Blue Floral
Genuine vintage fabric, circa 1960s.

Vintage Fabric - 70s Nautical Flowers

Vintage Fabric - 70s Zebra Flowers

Vintage Fabric - 60s Floral Vase

 Vintage Fabric - 60s Purple Posies
Genuine vintage fabric, circa 1960s.

Elephant Showers in Navy

Thanks to Funky Fabrix for allowing Kitty as a Picture Illustration and Surface Design Blog permission to publish these images.

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