Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Catimini Reds

There are two children's labels that I believe consistently produce stunning pieces, both in surface design and garment design. They are Oilily and Catimini. I stumbled across some Catimini greats while browsing Mon Petit. Loving the reds and oranges...

Catimini Pink/Black Striped Dress, Catimini Red Sandals,
Catimini Doll, Catimini Orange Polka Dotted Dress

And just love that first dress, OMG I want an adult version!

Catimini Red Floral Dress, Catimini Flowered Rain Boots,
Catimini Orange w/ Dot Swim Suit, Catimini Cat Ensemble

Check out more inspiring Catimini at Mon Petit.

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