Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oilily Spring Summer 2012

Oilily Spring Summer 2012 Collection

Every season Oilily is the label to watch for inspiring fabric design.The Spring Summer 2012 collection doesn't disappoint and includes these detailed, magical prints depicting delightful fairytale scenes: 

Tinka Dress Kleinduipje - Oilily Spring Summer 2012 Collection

Toef Dress Once Upon a Time - Oilily Spring Summer 2012 Collection

Djoeke Dress Fairy Friends - Oilily Spring Summer 2012 Collection

Dwarf Jumper Dwarf Print - Oilily Spring Summer 2012 Collection

View the entire collection at Oilily USA.

Many thanks to Oilily for allowing Kitty as a Picture (Illustration and Surface Design Blog) permission to publish these images.


  1. it's beautiful! first picture just fantastic!

  2. Gorgeous!! Love all of them, but especially that first picture. And the second, and the last. But really, all of them :)