Saturday, February 25, 2012

Changes to Kitty as a Picture

Oh my poor neglected blog! A number of significant changes in my life has left me with very little time to devote to Kitty as a Picture. One of them being a new baby...

Baby Dallas

Another change has been moving into the fabric design industry, an exciting move for me given my fascination with surface pattern and design. I'll continue with Kitty as a Picture when I get a chance but perhaps in a more casual and personal way, and there is likely to be more focus on pattern and fabric. I may include some of my own designs, and I may also include sketches and comic strips by my partner Mike, along with anything that inspires me relevant to surface design and illustration. For example...

This is one of the many beautiful gifts we received for Dallas. Everything about it is appealing and fun - not a bad introduction to eating! It came stylishly wrapped in white, with a strip of gift wrap in the circus print below, and finished with a retro-style red and white twine. 

Too cute! 


  1. A) It's a WONDERFUL reason to neglect your blog :) Hope you're all doing well during those exhausting first few months... x

    and B) I have recently become fascinated with surface pattern and design too!! Just last week I was teaching myself how to do repeats in Photoshop (I'm very new to this :) Looking forward to reading more about your journey into this area! (whenever you get time to blog about it ...)

  2. Hey Tina! Glad to hear you are inspired in this area too. Do you know Illustrator? I do all my fabrics in Illustrator now - it was trickier to learn than Photoshop but much more versatile. Make sure you keep an eye on Print and Pattern blog if you are interested in surface design :)