Friday, December 2, 2011

PEOPLE by Blexbolex

The second of three fantastic new books I have here from Gecko Press, PEOPLE is a must-have for graphic designers and something a little different for children. Every type of person you can imagine, real and mythical, is represented here in graphic form. My daughter and I enjoy browsing through PEOPLE - I love its intriguing illustrations, while my preschooler takes delight in trying to label the pictures.

Double page spread from PEOPLE by Blexbolex

Blexbolex is an award-winning French comic artist and illustrator. Born Bernard Granger in Aurillac, he studied screen printing at the School of Fine Arts in Angoul√™me.

Double-page spread from PEOPLE by Blexbolex

There is a charm about the graphics in PEOPLE that is impossible to capture with just a few images; you really need to see the whole collection to fully appreciate the beauty of this book. The illustrations vary from basic silhouette to complex scenes, using a limited palette and simplistic style that gives the book an old-school charm.

Double-page spread from PEOPLE by Blexbolex

Each figure is juxtaposed with another on the opposite page. The relationship between the figures is sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle, and makes for interesting discussion - be it at home or in the classroom. PEOPLE is an excellent source of inspiration for artists, and perhaps even a great trigger for ideas for the creative writer.

Double-page spread from PEOPLE by Blexbolex

 With a linen hardcover and a double-sided dust jacket, PEOPLE is for book-lovers. It is everything I have come to love about Gecko Press: unique, quirky, visually captivating, and more special than your average publication. PEOPLE won the Goldene Letter for Best Book Design in the World at the 2009 Leipzig Bookfair. It makes the perfect companion to the popular book SEASONS and is available for purchase through the Gecko Press website and at good bookstores throughout New Zealand.

PEOPLE by Blexbolex: Hardback IBSN 978-1-877467-78-3
Age 0 to infinity
200 pages  240 x180 mm
Published 18 November 2011

A huge thanks to Gecko Press for allowing Kitty as a Picture Kids' Design Blog to feature this book.

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