Thursday, November 10, 2011

Poo Bum by Stephanie Blake

Imagine my surprise to find  book called Poo Bum in my letterbox! I hesitated - I have a two and half year old - should I read this to her, or will she start running around saying Poo Bum everywhere we go? (Note: recommended age is 3+) I braved it, and together we sat down to read Poo Bum by Stephanie Blake.

Poo Bum tells the story of a little rabbit who can only say one thing... Poo Bum. His loving family only ever get the same response from him no matter what question they ask. But little Poo Bum rabbit finds himself in a spot of bother when he meets a big bad wolf.

From here the story is delightfully unpredictable, quirky and amusing, finishing on a humorous note. The large type is perfect for kids learning to read, and the content is certain to amuse and make the book an all-time favourite. Some may hesitate as I did, but all that came from our reading is a whole bunch of giggles. Thankfully 'poo bum' has not become a large part of my daughters vocabulary; the book captured her attention and imagination more than most, and that surely can only be a good thing.

This is just one of three fabulous books I have lined up to show you from Gecko Press. Like all Gecko Press publications it has a unique look and feel, as well as quality printing and binding. The bright, bold illustrations are a good match for the story, and Poo Bum makes an excellent gift for those who enjoy a little bit of silly. I like it and am looking forward to seeing more in the series next year and the following.

About the author/illustrator

Stephanie Blake's passion for writing and illustrating began in childhood when she created books for her brothers and sisters as birthday presents. As a child, she also fell in love with the books of Dr. Seuss, Ludwig Bemelmans, and William Steig. After moving to France, she discovered other writers and artists whose work continued to inspire her stories and drawings. She is the author and illustrator of dozens of highly successful books in France, many of them children's favourites.

Poo Bum by Stephanie Blake
Ages 3+
32 pages 280 x 220mm
Available in hardback ISBN: 978-1-877467-96-7
and in paperback ISBN: 978-1-877467-97-4

A huge thanks to Gecko Press for allowing Kitty as a Picture Kids' Design Blog to feature this book.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ella Leach Christmas Cards

Sydney illustrator Ella Leach has released an impressive set of folk-inspired Christmas cards. The limited palette and crisp, detailed graphics make for striking design.

Bethlehem Christmas Card by Ella Leach

Away in a Manger Christmas Card by Ella Leach

Shepherd Christmas Card by Ella Leach

Angel Christmas Card by Ella Leach

Three Wise Men Christmas Card by Ella Leach

Donkey Christmas Card by Ella Leach

Bethlehem Christmas Card by Ella Leach
These stylish cards are available for sale at Lark, and for more information about the designer you can visit the Ella Leach Designs website. I can't wait to see what else this new designer has planned!

Many thanks to Lark for allowing Kitty as a Picture permission to feature items from their store.