Monday, October 31, 2011


The PAPINEE 'whimsical furnishings and magnificent accessories' are impossible for a surface-pattern enthusiast to look past.  A collaboration of designers from around the world, Papinee interests me not just for its rich detail and magical quality, but also for its clever presentation; from start to finish it is a brilliantly put together package.

Papinee Deer by Corralie Charriol


Papinee's ANIMALIA is a collection that celebrates animals from all over the world, drawing inspiration from each country's diverse and unique elements.

PAPINEE Turtle. Artist: Michele Kafer

PAPINEE Monkey. Artist: Simon Guindi

PAPINEE Owl. Artist: Claire Hobson

 PAPINEE Lion. Artists:  Brothers Ben and Guillaume Barras.

PAPINEE Deer. Artist: Corralie Charriol

PAPINEE Cat. Artist: Zam Yip

The PAPINEE Collection:
Toys, books, cushions, poufs, canvases, spheres, pouches and more.

It's a fascinating collection, unlike any other, and well worth a closer look. Visit the Papinee website to learn more about the individual designers, see more products, and be wowed by Papinee's impressive marketing and presentation.

A huge thanks to Kathy at Papinee for allowing Kitty as a Picture Kids' Design Blog to publish these images.