Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pink Chicken Fall 11

I'm always interested to see Pink Chicken's new releases - I can count on there being something rich and bold that will catch my eye. The Pink Chicken Fall 11 collection has plenty of that; an exotic energy is captured using prints inspired by Africa and blended with traditional Indian block prints.

Left: Brooke blooming floral blue dress
Right: Lexi purple daisy dress

Back: Meg green paisley dress
Front: Natalie blue flower patch dress

Sorry, description unavailable.

Lexi purple daisy dress

Ivy lark beige safari dress

Cami dress in black variegated stripe

Top left: Brooke blooming floral blue dress
Top right: Reese blooming floral red dress
Bottom left: Cami dress in red variegated stripe
Bottom right: Zia blue embroidered dress

Left: Madeleine magenta paisley skirt
Right: Madeleine butterfly skirt

Pink Chicken is all about comfort and practicality too. There is nothing in the collection that looks awkward for a child to wear, which is something I wonder about a lot when I see children's clothing online. No concerns there; another great collection from Pink Chicken. Be sure to check out the full range at their website.

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