Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bue the Warrior and Hey Hey Colours

This is one of those posts where I go a bit crazy with pictures because I can't bear to leave a single one out. Let me first show you some of the incredible work of the Belgian street artist Bue the Warrior, and then I will tell you about his fabulous collaboration with HeyHey Colours.
These images of Bue's street art are just a few from his Flickr photostream and are works from all over the world. I have labelled them with the same tags or titles he used in Flickr. Some works are collaborations with other artists.

Eurocultured Turku Finland

 No title or tags given

Berlin Bandits - Billy, Bue, Nerd (Berlin)

Smithe & Bue - Flevopark: Amsterdam

Eurocultured festival Manchester

No title or tags given

Detail collab wall: Smithe, Dhear, Bue
bue, ring, topo, pest, resto, jasta

 No title or tags given

Venice LA 2009 - Bue & Chase

HeyHey Colours

Exciting news for iPad users, is that HeyHey Apps has worked with Bue the Warrior to bring Bue's much-loved characters and art to kids in the form of an iPad colouring application.

Named HeyHey Colors, it contains 18 drawings and 3 coloring modes. The spraycan coloring mode allows freehand painting. The fill mode allows the little ones to tap around on the drawings and select one of the 21 carefully selected colors.The pattern mode gives access to Bue the Warrior's wonderful pattern library. Kids can fill backgrounds with amazing patterns and see how a cute black and white drawing becomes an epic masterpiece.
HeyHey Colors allows users to share and save their finished drawings. The little artists can send their artwork to their grandparents presented in a nice printable template.

So pop over to HeyHey Apps or go directly to the Apps Store to purchase!

HeyHey Colours on Vimeo

A huge thanks to Stefan Vandegehuchte from HeyHey Apps for allowing Kitty as a Picture Kids' Design Blog permission to publish these images.


  1. O wow really very awesome! I think this is one of the best sites out there. It has so much information. I certainly love this website, keep on it. Have a good day!

  2. Thanks for your feedback! It's hard work but certainly worth it when I get feedback like yours!

  3. I love street art and this is very cool. Love it. Did look for the app on iphone but not there so probably it's still only an ipad app.

  4. Yes, this is very cool. I fell in love with street art when I stayed in Berlin for 5 months. It was everywhere and I loved it.

  5. Impressive art work and very catchy to the eyes of the kids. If all the vandals here in my place are all like that I would love to welcome them to vandal or paint my house with those design.

  6. I think is amazing how a painted wall becomes art.

  7. Yes, it can add so much to a place. I just love them!