Friday, July 29, 2011

Albetta Spring Summer 2011-12 Mini-Preview

Sorry for the extended gap between posts - I am trying to juggle more than a few things at the moment! Back into it now, starting with a few of my favourite prints and designs from Albetta's Spring Summer collection. 
I've loved the ginghams coming out of Europe, and I am happy to see some as part of the new Albetta collection. This particular top (below) is eye-catching with a fabulous choice of colours that is represented throughout the range, a simple cut, and a perfectly placed bow adornment at the chest. I love this piece:

Albetta Top - Large Bow Gingham Purple,
Spring Summer 11-12 (NZ & AUS)

It is also available in turquoise, and just look at that adorable skirt!

 Albetta Top - Large Bow Gingham Turquoise, Violetta Patchwork Skirt
Spring Summer 11-12 (NZ & AUS)

Delicate surface prints like this design interest me at the moment. I have not designed a pretty print like it yet - I tend to go for more toony or graphic designs, but it is on my list of things to tackle! This is gorgeous:

Albetta Blouse Floral, Spring Summer 11-12 (NZ & AUS)

And on this dress...oh divine!

Albetta Crochet Floral Dress , Spring Summer 11-12 (NZ & AUS)

Fabric design has always been one of Albetta's strengths. This is a lovely floral, and once again the adornments on the garment are elegant and well chosen.
Albetta Vintage Romper Violetta Floral , Spring Summer 11-12 (NZ & AUS)

And this Circus Print is just perfect for a baby boy:

Albetta Circus Print Baby, Spring Summer 11-12 (NZ & AUS)

The Albetta Spring Summer collection will be exhibited at the The Spring Gift Fair (Auckland) in August and will be available in retail stores around New Zealand and Australia in September. Wholesale enquiries should be directed to ( and for retail sales in NZ, Bambina is an online store that will carry the collection.

Many thanks to Molly Jay Ltd for allowing Kitty as a Picture Kids' Design Blog permission to publish these images.

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