Friday, June 17, 2011

Stella McCartney Kids Summer Prints

I have a fantastic book to show you, coming up next, but first I have been itching to do this post for a while - Stella McCartney Kids. Her collection of prints this season is so interesting; I've picked out a few that stood out to me:

VALENTINE: Girls'organic cotton printed tank top; by Stella McCartney

BETSEY: Girls' organic cotton Tahiti print pyjamas
BART : Baby boys' organic cotton two-piece pyjamas
By Stella McCartney

Top left: EMMA - Babies' bloomers and top
Top Right: BILLY - Kids'organic cotton fleece printed sweatshirt
Middle Right: JIMBO - Babies organic cotton fleece printed all-in-one
Bottom TED : Babies'long-sleeved printed sweater
By Stella McCartney

LYDIA Blouse: Girls' floral print bohemian
INGRID: Girls' viscose three quarter sleeved bird print dress
By Stella McCartney

POLLY: Girls' flower print waterproof hooded jacket; by Stella McCartney

I am quite fascinated by these prints - there is an unusual mix of styles and designs and I am loving them all. The horse print is a favourite, and I'm sure a lot of children would be particularly drawn to this design. All-round a beautiful collection, and that's not all, so hop over to Stella McCartney for more inspiring summer prints for kids.

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