Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pookie by Ivy L.Wallace

I love vintage books and I don't stumble across really nice ones too often. My daughter's grandmother produced this beauty on the weekend and had me in raptures. Take a look at a few of the illustrations and I'm sure you'll agree it is a lovely book:

Pookie by Ivy L.Wallace - Cover

Pookie by Ivy L.Wallace - Back Spread

Ivy L. Wallace created a series of Pookie books, and judging by what I saw on Amazon they are quite collectable. This book was first published in 1947 if I remember correctly. Read more about Ivy Wallace at Wikipedia.


  1. The book brings back happy memories of childhood for me but a few damp hankies along the way! (I still have the book and treaure it)

  2. lovely to meet you at the market on saturday...we have Pookie and his Shop and i have been on the lookout for more ever since. It is a perennial favourite here, the illustrations are pure magic. Check it out:
    Look forward to following your design adventures on your blog!

  3. Pookie....hehehe.