Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Heather Ross: Far Far Away III Fabric Collection

A spontaneous post this one (I really should be working; might be a late night now!) after discovering, with much excitement, that Heather Ross has just released images of her Far Far Away III designs. Some readers will already be familiar with Heather's popular fairy tale-inspired designs for Kokka of Japan. Stores can place an order for the latest collection through Kokka's US distributor Seven Islands Fabric, and if you are purchasing at a retail level you can expect to see the collection hit the shelves in quilt stores around June. Happily, I find the collection every bit as charming and magical as I had hoped it would be. Take a look:

Far Far Away III Pink, by Heather Ross for Kokka

Far Far Away III Green, by Heather Ross for Kokka

Far Far Away III Yellow, by Heather Ross for Kokka

Heather has also been working on a line of wallpaper which she will reveal soon. I can't wait to see it, and for news on that check her blog over the next week or two, or follow her Twitterfeed.

Some fabrics in the Far Far Away II collection are still available through Seven Islands Fabric, so here is a look back at that collection too:

Far Far Away II Meadow, by Heather Ross for Kokka

Far Far Away II Plum, by Heather Ross for Kokka

Far Far Away II Aqua, by Heather Ross for Kokka

A google search is the best bet for finding a retail stockist. Stores carrying any of Heather Ross's designs are welcome to leave a comment so readers can find somewhere to purchase.

A snippet about Heather Ross

Heather grew up in the country in northern Vermont, US, and her home was a very creative one - her father was a writer and her mother a painter. The house was always filled with art and handmade things. There was rarely a television or telephone, so Heather and her sister filled many hours drawing and making things as a way to keep busy through the winter. Heather was knitting and sewing before she turned six, and designing clothing at around 8 or 9 years of age! Summers were filled with the joys of the country, such as roaming horse meadows for wild strawberries, and jumping off rock ledges into a swimming hole. Fond memories of these days shape much of Heather's work, and though she is now living in New York (and enjoying it), her heart still lies in the country. Nature plays an even more vital role in her work now, she claims on her website. "Having been removed from it seems to have only made my love for it more powerful, my sense of wonder more pronounced."

Heather Ross is definitely up there amongst my favourite designers, and I bet many readers will feel the same. For more about Heather Ross visit her website.

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