Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Generals: It's like...totally ethicool!

Simple contrasting colours like black and white can be used effectively in clothing design as a pattern or graphic, but can simple colours comprise an entire collection and be interesting? And can they be used on children's clothing and still be fun and original? New Generals shows us that they can!

New Generals Autumn Winter 2011

New Generals Autumn Winter 2011

New Generals, a label out of Denmark, uses a limited palette to excellent effect. Garments are made in 100% certified organic cotton, and with a clear emphasis on sustainable production and care for the environment New Generals is a forward-thinking brand. New Generals call it being ethicool: "Fun need not be colorful or childish, ethical or organic need not be beige or boring, cool or fashionable need not be cold, and basics need not be basic. It is a new take on basics, it is New Generals."
And I like it!

New Generals Autumn Winter 2011

The New Generals Autumn Winter 2011 collection sees the range expanding from the previous 2-8 years to now feature a complete range of super-cool designs for both baby (0-24mths) and junior (up to 10yrs). There is a lot of black with splashes of lavender, white, and grey.

New Generals Autumn Winter 2011

While I'm loving what I've seen of the New Generals Autumn Winter collection, I'm super-keen on the Spring Summer Collection too. Crisp graphics, with a fantasy theme, inspire imagination. Bold blocky contrasts create an individual style. Beetles, dragonflys, butterflies, and ladybirds appear in creative and interesting ways, and that is what New Generals is all about: stimulating a child's imagination and opening a world of thought and creativity.

New Generals Spring Summer 2011

I'm excited about this label - it's something different, and the limited colour adds to the impact of the prints. Their ethical approach gets them another tick from me, and I have to agree: New Generals is like...totally ethicool!

New Generals can be purchased online, and in selected stores in Scandinavia and Europe.

A huge thanks to Joen at New Generals for allowing Kitty as a Picture Kids' Design Blog permission to publish these images.

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