Friday, April 1, 2011

Mini Moderns Whitby Wallpaper & More

A few weeks ago, my 2 year old (nicknamed YoYo) had a ride on a mini-carousel that gave a decent turn for two dollars. A little later she asked to go on it again, to which I replied, "Sorry YoYo, Mummy doesn't have any more money to put in it." She cleverly answered "in your bag", and her hand lunged at my wallet. With speed, I removed her hand, zipped up my bag, and said, "No, sorry YoYo. Mummy is not putting any more money in the carousel." To my horror she then ran off wailing loudly "MORE MONEY, MORE MONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..." I had to laugh today when I remembered the incident. You see, my partner and I have done lots of work on the exterior of our house lately, mostly maintenance - drainage, a new roof, and restoring our shed which was collapsing. Our budget hasn't allowed us to consider the neglected interior. Looking at the new Whitby Wallpaper from Mini Moderns, and all their other fantastic products, I felt inclined to wail "more moneeeeeeeeey... waaaaaaaaaaaah". Certainly if we had some budget left I'd be shopping at Mini Moderns!

Mini Moderns Whitby Wallpaper - Washed Denim

Mini Moderns Whitby Wallpaper - Lido

Mini Moderns Whitby Wallpaper - Stone (left), Awning Red (right)

Mini Moderns is a range of interior products designed and produced by London-based design and branding agency, Absolute Zero Degrees. It is a print-driven collection including wallpaper, textiles, and home accessories. With influences ranging from textile designs of the 1950’s to vintage toys and games, it achieves a wonderful fusion of modern and retro.

Mini Moderns Battery Square Wallpaper - Smoothie Pink
Mini Moderns Balloon Rug

 Mini Moderns Balloon Rug

Mini Moderns also produce wallpapers that can be hand coloured by yourself or your kids. Brilliant! I love the idea, though I don't think I would let YoYo do it just yet. Perhaps when she is a bit older!

Mini Moderns Tick Tock Wallpaper - Snow (colour me)

Mini Moderns C-60 Wallpaper - Snow (colour me)

Mini Moderns C-60 Wallpaper - Chalkboard and Gold

Mini Moderns C-60 Cushion - Multi

Mini Moderns Pet Sounds Cushion

Mini Moderns Pet Sounds Wallpaper - Harvest Orange

Mini Moderns Knock Knock Wallpaper - Powder Paint Blue

Mini Moderns Sewn Sequels Cushions - Top Left: Village, Top Right: Penny Farthing, Bottom: Filey

I was just about to sign off this post and I spotted this:

Mini Moderns Fayre's Fair Wallpaper - Heather and Gold

And I thought ""MORE MONEY, MORE MONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..."

Visit the Mini Moderns website for more amazing wallpapers and interior products.

These images are copyright. A huge thanks to Keith at Mini Moderns for allowing Kitty as a Picture Kids' Design Blog to publish these images.


  1. oooh lovely prints! your story really made me laugh, bless her x

  2. THANKYOU! keith at mini moderns