Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Places

My 2 year old daughter (nicknamed YoYo) is fascinated with 'happy' and 'sad' at the moment. With this in mind I have put together a post featuring three happy blogs that I like to visit and a little story about some happy places I go with my family...

Orange You Lucky by Helen Dardik

Always fun, always inspiring, Orange You Lucky by Helen Dardik overflows with happy vibes.

Party Animals by Helen Dardik, View the collection at Orange you Lucky

Yin and Yan, A new print by Helen Dardik available at her Etsy Store
Images via Orange You Lucky

Goldilocks and Two Friends, Watercolours by Helen Dardik,
Images via Orange you Lucky

In the Field of...Designs by Helen Dardik with wallpaper in mind.
Images via Orange You Lucky

You can purchase some of Helen's gorgeous creations at her Etsy store.

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Jane Foster Blog

Vintage fabric heaven, Jane Foster Blog is cheerful, inspiring, and explodes with colour. Jane's been making quilts lately - and what happy happy quilts they are. LOVE them!

Vintage Fabric Quilts by Jane Foster
Images via Jane Foster Blog

More of her striking cushions made from vintage fabrics:

Vintage fabric cushions by Jane Foster
Available at Jane's Cushion SiteImages via Jane Foster Blog

And some stunning screen printed cards and purses:

Red Elephant Card by Jane Foster

Screen printed linen purses by Jane Foster
Images via Jane Foster Blog

Screen printed animal cards by Jane Foster
Images via Jane Foster Blog

Jane has opened a shop on Etsy where you can purchase spectacular vintage fabrics from her collection. She loves bold fabrics from the 50s, 60s and 70s, fun vintage children's fabric and vintage Scandinavian fabric. She also has an Etsy store where you can purchase silk screen prints and items Jane makes from fabric. You will find links to more shops and websites of Jane's on her blog.

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Design Seeds

Another happy place I love to go is Design Seeds. If you love colour, Design Seeds is the place to go for inspiration. I wish I discovered it a long time ago!

Four palettes by Jessica Colaluca of Design Seeds

More of my favourite blogs and websites are listed on the right side panel of Kitty as a Picture.
A Happy Place for YoYo  (A Personal Anecdote)

There is a magical place north of Auckland where my partner and I like to go camping, and we planned to take YoYo there for a few days over Easter. After putting YoYo to bed on Wednesday night, Mike and I began packing in preparation for our adventure the next day. It was not to be. We spent the latter part of that night and the entire of Thursday in hospital with YoYo. She is now home, and well, but camping is off the agenda this weekend.

Leading up to that evening Yo Yo had been unsettled, particularly at night, so I created a happy place for her - a beach - which I describe in detail when she is agitated. At the hospital I needed to carry her from the emergency department to a ward. I wanted her to remain sleepy, relaxed, and be unalarmed by the strange sights and sounds we would encounter, so I began to describe her happy place. After only a few words from me, and out of a drowsy and floppy state, she rocketed upright in my arms, huge grin, wide excited eyes, and cried "BIG WAVES!" She continued to respond energetically to all my descriptions; it was a relief to have something we could enjoy together in such an unusual situation.

Above: YoYo enjoys the beach on previous camping adventures

The first thing YoYo said when she awoke in the ward on Thursday morning was "YoYo happy right now." I am in a very happy place right now too with YoYo safe and well, and the dramatic events of that evening behind us. A huge thanks to all the amazing people who assisted us at home that night and at the hospital to follow.

Thank you to Helen Dardik, Jane Foster, and Jessica Colaluca for being an inspiration.

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  1. Such a great idea to teach you wee one to have a "happy place" in her imgination-I can imgine al sorts of scenarios where it would be helpful. I plan to do the same. Thanks for the inspiration. Great blog by the way :0)

  2. Hey thanks! Yeah it is a great thing to have. The other thing was that we had recently read a 'Doctor Maisy' book which really helped her when the nurse or doctor needed to check her for anything. She had some understanding that nurses and doctors are looking after you.