Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trelise Cooper Kids Winter 2011

 A few weeks ago, in Auckland, it went from being summer-dress weather to layers-of-merino weather, and then back again. I'm wearing summer threads again, but for how long? If that cold snap instilled in you a sense of dread at the approaching winter, let Trelise Cooper Kids remind you of some of the magic that winter can bring. Winter brings the cold, sure, but in some parts it brings the joys of snow...

 Trelise Cooper Kids Winter 2011: Pli'e 'Plumberlina' Top, Dancer 'Skakeya Pom Pom' Skirt.

This winter Trelise Cooper Kids takes a trip to a snowflake wonderland and sees snow angels emerging in pretty pom poms, studded sparkles, and layers of tulle, while rough n tumble hoodies are the pick for dodging a snowball or two. There is an exciting mix of colours and styles in the 2011 Winter Collection, from printed dresses and bouncy tutus, to tough puffer jackets, fur biker jackets and fierce military coats.
Trelise Cooper Kids Winter 2011: Left - Jacket and Top Parade Pieces Only, Paloma 'Cheek Blusher' Skirt. Middle - Apricot Grove 'Over the Rainbow' Dress, Bow Peep 'Little Bow Sweep' Skirt. Right - Rockstar 'Harlie's Angels' Jacket, Porridge Pot 'Turtle Head' Top, Skirt Parade Piece only.

Trelise Cooper Kids Winter 2011: Left - Playdate 'Serious Black' Jacket, Skirt parade piece only. Right - Dress and Jacket parade pieces only.

Trelise Cooper Kids Winter 2011: Left - Swan-Song 'Swanee-River' Top, Tight Rope 'Turtle Head' Top, Slipperella 'Tippy Toes' Skirt. Middle - Slipperella 'Dance Class' Dress, Dancer 'Shakeya Pom Pom' Skirt, Tight Rope 'Jacobs Ladder' Pants. Right - Swan-Song 'Swanee River' Top, Tight Rope 'Turtle Head' Top, Paloma 'Cheek Blusher' Skirt.

Trelise Cooper Kids Winter 2011: Apricot Grove 'Over the Rainbow' Dress.

Trelise Cooper Kids Winter 2011: Top Left - Jacket and Fur Vest Parade pieces only, Bow Peep 'Little Bow Peep' Skirt. Top Right - Left - Cream cakes 'One Lump or Two' Top, Porridge Pot 'Turtle Head' Top, Speckled Egg 'Speck and Span' Skirt, Right - Playdate 'Leader of the Pack' Jacket, Porridge Pot 'Turtle Head' Top, Skirt parade piece only, Playdate 'Jacobs Ladder' Pants. Bottom Left - Marshmellow 'Frilly Goat Puff' Top, Tight Rope 'Presently Surprised' Top, Pea Spot 'Peas in a Pod' Skirt. Bottom Right - Madeline 'Tower of Love' Jacket.

Trelise Cooper Kids Winter 2011: Cream Cakes 'One Lump or Two' Top, 'Tight Rope 'Smells so Sweet' Top, Boudoir Rose ' Bloom-Beams' Skirt.

Trelise Cooper Kids Winter 2011: Blue Bonnet 'Shift in Gear' Dress, Porridge Pot 'Turtle Head' Top, Jim Jams 'Plain Jane' Pants.

Fun, flamboyant details capture the playfulness that comes with a child's experience of snow, while snugly knits and warm winter tights remind me of the comfort of a cozy retreat indoors after an action-packed day. Delicious hot cocoa and toasted marshmallows by the fire - all the shades and flavours of winter are represented here in this gorgeous collection. Don't waste time bemoaning the impending cold and the last weeks of daylight savings, pop over to the recently-revamped Trelise Cooper website and get excited. There's plenty of magic on its way!

Trelise Cooper Kids Winter 2011: Leopard Spots 'Animal Instinct ' Jacket, Skirt - Parade Piece only.

These images are copyright and are published with the permission of Trelise Cooper - Thank you for allowing Kitty as a Picture Kids' Design Blog to feature this collection.

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  1. I'm not sure about a lot of this - but I do love the Eiffel tower coat!