Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lalé at Lark, and Other New Arrivals

Just when I was ready to hone in on Winter Fashion, I got distracted at Lark. A 'quick flick' over to the Lark website found me madly downloading images left, right and centre, and an hour later I was utterly overwhelmed by gorgeousness. I eventually decided to focus on just a few recent arrivals to the Lark store, because I have to draw the line somewhere! Trust me though, it's worth a good look around.

Marlène Suitcases by Lalé (France)

Okay, now you can see why I got distracted! Recent additions, these divine suitcases by French designer Lalé feature stunning vintage-style fabrics, inside and out. They'll come in handy as an overnight bag, a laptop case, a child's suitcase, or as an attractive storage case.

Marlène Suitcase (Flora) and Marlène Suitcase (Green Circles) by Lalé

Hooray! You no longer have to carry your guitar around in a plain black case - thanks to Lalé!

Guitar Case (Peixe Orange) and Guitar Case (Flora) by Lalé

Unfortunately, I don't play the guitar, but I do sleep occasionally...

Zoé Cushion (Green Circles) Suzanne Eiderdown (Green Circles) by Lalé

Speaking of sleep, I really should get some, but let me just squeeze in a couple more goodies surrounding that theme...

Doll Face Cushions by Jenni Harley

Handmade in Melbourne by Jenni Harley, each of these Doll Face pillows is unique. The face is made from vintage linen, with patchwork applique and hand embroidered detailing. The hair and back fabrics are vintage florals in pretty colours.

Doll Cushions by Jenni Harley

And for a totally original gift idea, how about this Doll Face Hairclip Holder, also by Jenni Harley:

Doll Face Hairclip Holder by Jenni Harley

It's hard not to fall in love with this Sleepy Lion Pillow by Twiglet...

Twiglet Sleepy Lion Pillow 

You won't be stuck for ideas if a gift is what you are looking for. Plenty of variety, a range of styles, and a strong focus on handmade treasures keeps Lark amongst Australia's most talked about children's stores. Visit the Lark website for an uplifting shopping experience, or you can also visit their shop in Daylesford, a historic country town in the forest, close to Melbourne, Australia.
Now where was I? Oh, winter fashion...

Many thanks to Lark for allowing Kitty as a Picture Kids' Design Blog permission to publish these images.


  1. Ooohh! I love the doll face cushions! I might try that. Would go really well in my new room for miss four if I added a crown.... (finally finished that Heather Ross room!)

  2. Yes, they are cute! I like the idea of a hairclip holder. I soooooooo need one of those; always scrounging around for hairclips!

  3. So So cute! I especially love the suitcase and guitar case!