Monday, February 14, 2011

Vintage Children's Book - See the Pictures

This vintage book (titled See the Pictures) has been tucked away in my book shelf for some time, and I can't even recall where I found it or how long I have had it. I am certain that I would have been drawn to it on account of its vibrant colour palette which is basic and strays only a little from the primary colours. Sorry, the front and back covers are too damaged to show.

See The Pictures - Spread 1
Text: A modern garage, the oil is being refreshed in the car on the bridge, the scooter is being examined.
The sports car has "filled up", the windscreen is being washed and then.... off!

See the Pictures - Spread 2
Text: Busy traffic in the city; cars, buses, motor cycles etc. Policemen direct the traffic.
When the amber beacon is flashing, all traffic must stop to allow pedestrians to cross.

See the Pictures - Spread 3
Text: It is very busy at the docks, ships from all over the world come there.
The ships are unloaded and loaded again. Large cranes are nearly always used for this.

See the Pictures - Spread 4
Text: Large coaches drive all over Europe bringing holidaymakers from all parts.
Has you daddy a sportscar? Then don't drive too quickly - remember safety first.

See the Pictures - Spread 5
Text: At the station too it is always very busy. Travellers are buying papers at the last minute.
So some of them miss the train. They are just too late. The guard has signalled the train to leave.

Text on the back cover finishes the story with: At the airport you see planes from all over the world landing and taking off.

Perspective is not a strong point of mine, but even I can spot some crazy angles! There are some amusing details in the illustrations too if you inspect them closely, but I think it just adds to the charm of this book. I had to laugh at the text: Has your daddy a sportscar? Then don't drive too quickly - remember safety first. !!

The book is published in The Netherlands by Mulder & Zoon, Amsterdam. No date is given, and no writer or illustrator is specified.

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