Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nate Williams and Alexander Blue

Illustration and Surface Pattern

Illustrator Nate Williams must surely be a difficult guy to pin down for a coffee. There can't possibly be any time for casual chatting in his schedule; as well as illustrating prolifically under the name Nate Williams, he illustrates as Alexander Blue, he founded and maintains the enormously popular Illustration Mundo and Letter Playground, he designs for Hola Omiga , makes guest speaker appearances at various events, conducts workshops, AND is a devoted father.

Above: Illustrations from The Weathersteins Art Licensing Collection
by Nate Williams

The Nate Williams style illustrations retain a hand-drawn look using lots of traditional techniques, pens, markers, Indian ink and Photoshop.

Illustration from the Summer Camp Art Licensing Collection
by Nate Williams

Construction by Nate Williams

Robots by Nate Williams for Ecojot Journals

Nate has a passion for silk screen printing and hand lettering. Speaking of his organic hand-drawn style, in an interview with Vectors Tuts+, he says:

"After working for a number of years in high tech 3D rendered video game industry, I visually craved the opposite. I wanted to create things that are simplified to their essence, more organic, handmade, textured and incorporated the human touch, such as accidents, mistakes and discoveries. I really like doing hand drawn lettering because it combines something that is mechanical and adds a human touch. I like that mixture of mechanical and organic. I have a general idea of what I am making, but the majority of the creative process happens when I am actually creating the work."

It Always Seems Impossible Until it's Done - Nelson Mandela
Illustration and Hand Lettering by Nate Williams for Ecojot Journals

You can also find many beautiful surface patterns in Nate Williams's portfolio, both for general design and for children's design.

Surface patterns by Nate Williams

In the aforementioned interview, Nate explains why he created the alter ego Alexander Blue:

"I could do another style of illustration, but not confuse 'Nate Williams' clients. I think every illustrator realises you must have a strong, unique, consistent style, but struggles with committing to one style, so this is how I deal with the struggle. I just created another personality, problem solved!"

Bold, clean graphics, pop imagery and vibrant colours are the signature of Alexander Blue. Packed with energy and humour, the eye-catching Alexander Blue illustrations and surface patterns are created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and/or Corel Painter.  

Happy Teeth by Alexander Blue

Space Valentine’s Day cards for ChickaDEE Magazine, by Alexander Blue

Alexander Blue's illustration for a a short story, in a French children's magazine, about a cow that climbs to the top of  a mountain and gets so dizzy the villagers had to saw the mountain down.

 Surface pattern: Machines by Alexander Blue

Surface Pattern: Traffic by Alexander Blue

There are distinct differences in style between Nate Williams and his alter ego Alexander Blue, but there is plenty to connect them too. Both styles of illustration feature brilliant colours, eye-catching graphics, and overflow with energy. Something tells me Nate Williams himself has limitless energy and is one of those enviable people who can pack a million things into a day. Perhaps a coffee and chat is not out of the question after all!

Thanks to Nate Williams for allowing Kitty as a Picture Kids' Design Blog to publish these copyright images.


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  1. I do enjoy reading your posts, and love looking at the fantastic artists, designers, illustrators on here. Nate Williams, Alexander Blue is not exception- gorgeous! I love the drawing for the French book!
    Becky xx