Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mixing it up

I have just cleared my work desk of ten tonnes of paper and empty tea cups. Thought for today: it is no good having a diary if you cannot find it! The chaos that is my brain has unleashed itself on my blog, and I am going to throw a mixture of goodies at you today from all over the place.

A visit to Helen Dardik's Etsy store - WOW! - I never get tired of her amazing creations:

Coffee with my owl by Helen Dardik.
Limited edition giclee print of an original illustration (collage).

Join the Circus by Helen Dardik.
Limited edition giclee print of an original illustration.

Helen Dardik is a designer, illustrator and mother of 3, and is based in Ottawa, Canada. She has a very impressive client list, and a enormously popular blog.

More fabulous finds from Brighton POD (Promoting Original Design) :

Alphabet Print Signed Limited Edition by Sean Sims.

Sean Sims is a Teesside-born, freelance illustrator now based at Brighton-by-the-Sea. He is influenced by everything from 1950s-1960s decoration and pattern, to vintage children's book illustration and info-graphics. 

Frida Kahlo Print by Judy Kaufmann Prints.
Vector illustration (A4). Printed on glossy paper.

Judy Kaufman is an illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain, who likes to draw animals, people, houses, cars, trees and often repeats elements within a work like a pattern.

How did I miss this stunning piece from L'Affiche Moderne:

Avec tant d'inconscience by Perdita Corleone.

Perdita Corleone was born in 1979 and lives in Angoulême. She creates illustrations for children's books and also draws illustrations for adults with organic forms and hybrid creatures, inspired by Japanese folk art. View Kitty as a Picture's original post on L'Affiche Moderne here.

And beautiful Petit Collage wall decor and accessories; Petit Collage is getting a lot of press attention, and it is easy to see why:

A little taste of the brilliant range at Petit Collage.

Readers may be familiar with the name Lorena Siminovich, a San Francisco-based artist, designer and illustrator. She has illustrated sixteen books for children, which have attracted several awards and much praise. Lorena's popular hand-made collages on wood were the beginnings of Petit Collage, and the collection has now expanded to include mobiles, posters, mirrors, prints on wood, wall decals and more.

It Takes a Village by Petit Collage.
Print on sustainably harvested maple veneer. Available in two sizes, framed or unframed.

San Francisco (Left) and New York City (right).
Petit Collage print on sustainably harvested maple veneer.

Pinwheel Girl
Petit Collage print on sustainably harvested maple veneer.

 And a lovely alphabet print to decorate a boy or girl's room...

Animal Alphabet Poster (Basic) by Petit Collage.
3 colour screen print, available framed or unframed.

It is also available in original, pink and blue.

Visit the Petit Collage website to view their complete collection.

Well that has inspired me for the day. Now I am ready to...what do I have on today? Where is that diary...?

Many thanks to the artists and companies represented for allowing Kitty as a Picture Kids' Design Blog to show these images.

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