Saturday, February 5, 2011

Littlephant Launches in Japan

It is an exciting start to the year for Swedish designer and illustrator Camilla Lundsten. Her outstanding brand Littlephant has just exhibited at the Tokyo Gift Show, launching onto the Japanese market for the first time. Littlephant is sure to be hit there with its bold graphics and endearing characters that are so popular in Sweden.

Kanina the Rabbit, one of the many adorable character creations of Camilla Lundsten.

The Littlephant collection of kids' books feature vibrant illustrations and happy themes:

Finally rain!/ Äntligen regn! By Camilla Lundsten.

Potty training? Reinforce the concept with Littlephant's delightful story Finally poo!/ Äntligen bajs!

Finally poo!/ Äntligen bajs! By Camilla Lundsten.

Finally birthday!/ Äntligen kalas! By Camilla Lundsten.

Finally a sibling!/ Äntligen syskon! By Camilla Lundsten.

Today Littlephant's products are mainly produced from paper; books, graphic prints, and postcards make up the bulk of the collection, but the product range is growing and will also include interior fabrics and products for your home, as well as bags and children's clothing. The brand also hopes to produce an animated series and online games in the future.

Numbers Graphic Print by Camilla Lundsten, Littlephant.

Littlephant House Puzzle

Littlephant Postcards

Littlephant Birthday Party Invitations

Some Littlephant characters

Camilla is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and runs her own design studio - Camilla Lundsten Studio as well as Littlephant. Find out more about Littlephant and view all products at

Image from the Camilla Lundsten Studio website

Image from the Camilla Lundsten Studio website

Thanks so much to Camilla Lundsten for allowing Kitty as a Picture Kids' Design Blog to feature Littlephant. All images are the copyright of Camilla Lundsten.


  1. Helloo! Great blog you have! I found you via Lilypad and Kiwimummy blogs. I love the style of Littlephant- I even checked if there was a store here in the UK, and there was! Look forward to following your posts.

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  2. Hi Becky, Thanks for your comment and I'm grateful to have another reader! It makes the hard work worthwhile when I recieve positive feedback. I'll take a look at your blog - that's the wonderful thing about blogging, so many wonderful discoveries online! Cheers, Bren