Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Joy of Summer Dresses

A recent outing to Ponsonby Rd for a coffee found me browsing Tatty's for the first time. I came home from my coffee date with several dresses, having spent... let's just say, a lot more than $4! When I recovered from the shock that comes with spontaneous purchases (and reckless disregard for finances!) I was utterly convinced that dresses are the way to go. No more searching around for a matching top to go with that skirt; dresses are light and comfortable, easy to wash, quick to dry, and you can choose a pattern to suit your mood.

Pink Chicken Spring Summer 2011 Collection

My excitement about dresses coincides with the release of Pink Chicken's Spring Summer 2011 Collection, so it's a perfect opportunity to show some of their fabulous designs for girls:

 Betsey Dress, Orange Floral; by Pink Chicken New York

I've not been a fan of yellow, but Pink Chicken's Zoe dress (below) has changed my mind! Wow, I love the way they have used this fabric. The front seam bringing the stripes together on an angle is a great effect. The pockets and the stripe across the chest add a nice contrast. A little flutter cap sleeve gives it a pretty touch, and isn't it just the perfect dress for hot weather!

Zoe Dresses by Pink Chicken New York

Purple or lilac makes a lovely, feminine choice for girls if you are feeling a bit over pink!

Madison Dress by Pink Chicken New York

Brooke Dress, blue gingham, (left) and Brooke Dress, Green Floral (right)
Both dresses by Pink Chicken New York

Pink Chicken has a women's range of clothing too, and a philosophy of easy, breezy dressing that is no fuss and always stylish. Sounds very much like my new-found philosophy! Visit the Pink Chicken website to view the complete Spring/Summer 2011 collection - released on Sunday.

Pink Chicken Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. Check it out!

Baby's Got Style

When it comes to fashion, Baby's Got Style has it covered. An Australian online store, Baby's Got Style has an enormous range of products for baby and kids, from some of the best in children's clothing design to room decor and new mum essentials. But of course, I am fixated on dresses:

Carmen dress by Oobi, available at Baby's Got Style

Ginger dress - Goa Coral by Coco & Ginger (left),
Peony dress by Tea Pony (right)
Available at Baby's Got Style 

Jasmine dress, Italian Floral by Coco & Ginger;
Available at Baby's Got Style

Garden Bouquet dress; BIG by Fiona Scanlan (left),
Apple Days drawstring sundress, aqua; by Bluebird & Honey (right)
Available at Baby's Got Style

Ruffled Flower sundress, blue; by Rubyrose Loves Max;
Available at Babys Got Style

Summer Dream dress; BIG by Fiona Scanlan (left),
Apple Days drawstring sundress, pink; by Bluebird & Honey
Available at Baby's Got Style

Seaside dress by Little Horn; available at Baby's Got Style.

Happy Flower dress; BIG by Fiona Scanlan (left),
Ruffled Sunflower dress, green; by Rubyrose Loves Max (middle), 
Wild Floral smock baby dress by Peggy (right)
Available at Baby's Got Style

Dress them up or wear them casually, dresses are the way to go. That's what I'll be wearing next summer!  

Visit the Baby's Got Style website to view all kinds of baby and kiddie goodies.

These images are copyright. Thank you to Baby's Got Style and Pink Chicken New York for allowing Kitty as a Picture Kids' Design Blog to publish these images.

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