Monday, January 31, 2011

Yummy Yummy Brusselsprouts

Yummy, yummy Brusselsprouts. Not the soggy, mini-cabbage that you were forced to eat in your childhood. I am talking about Brusselsprouts Handcrafted Baby Fashion. It couldn't be more different from the much-maligned vegetable of the same name. Brusselsprouts the children's clothing label is excellent taste, colourful, and adored by many.

Midnight Garden Dress by Victoria Crisp of Brusselsprouts.

Trellis Dress by Victoria Crisp of Brusselsprouts.

Apricot Bloom Dress by Victoria Crisp of Brusselsprouts.

Brusselsprouts is an Australian label by mother and daughter team, Victoria and Kay. Their goal: to create beautifully handcrafted children's fashion that will make your little sprout stand out from the crowd. A fusion of modern and vintage design, each piece is lovingly made with quality fabrics sourced from around the globe. These vibrant dresses by Victoria Crisp caught my eye for their exquisite patterns and elegant style. A sizable tie at the shoulder, in a complementary fabric, adds interest and flair to an otherwise simple design - so perfectly styled for such intricate and beautiful fabrics. Oh yummy yummy!

Yummy Yummy Girls' Dresses by Victoria Crisp of Brusselsprouts. 

Brusselsprouts the online store stocks some other Australian labels too, and more than just kids' clothing. Check it out, and join their large following on Facebook - you won't be short of inspiration!

Thanks to Victoria from Brusselsprouts for allowing Kitty as a Picture Kids Design Blog to feature these dresses.

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  1. These patterns and colors are absolutely stunning! They really reflect the vibrancy of childhood and bet they look adorable on. What a lovely collection.