Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wallpaper Wallpaper Wallpaper! I've gone wallpaper mad!

I have been going a bit crazy over wallpaper lately (in a good way!) and starting to regret painting my daughter's bedroom walls. There is just so much to be WOWed by in the world of wallpaper, and Ferm Living is one of the companies to look out for. I could do a whole blog just on Ferm Living. They have a huge range of amazing wallpaper, wall stickers, textiles, kitchen items, and loads of neat designs for kids.

Ferm Living: Quilted Owl Blanket, Knitted Cylinder Pillows Coral and Green, Aristo Katt Picture, Elle Elephant Picture.

Ferm Living is a Danish design company with a cute story behind it. It originates from a graphic design company founded by Trine Anderson in 2005. Mostly for fun, Trine visited a clairvoyant, and that clairvoyant had a vision of a little bird sitting on a branch, confused, not knowing which way to fly. This vision was a factor in Trine's decision to start a new business - Ferm Living. The little bird knew exactly where to go, and now sits on top of the company logo.

Where to begin? Everything is amazing, everything goes in the 'I want I want I want' basket. Everything! Ok, I'll start with wallpaper...

Ferm Living KIDS Collection Wallpaper: Animal Farm (left) and Rush Hour (right).

I love the Tiny Train wallpaper below. The colours are cheerful, but subdued enough to not overwhelm a smaller or darker room, and the print reminds me of good-old-fashioned potato printing.

Ferm Living KIDS Collection Wallpaper: Tiny Train.

These characters below, by Norwegian design duo Darling Clementine, are just adorable and appear on Ferm Living's wallpaper, bedding, wooden wall pictures, and cushions.

Ferm Living KIDS Collection Wallpaper: Marionette.

Ferm Living KIDS Collection Wallpaper: Butterflies.

Ferm Living KIDS Collection Wallpaper: Dotty.

There is more in the children's wallpaper range, and plenty of fantastic designs for grown-ups too! But continuing the kids' rooms theme...
Gorgeous cushions and bedding to brighten-up and cosy-up a child's room!

Ferm Living KIDS Playful Pillows: Dotty Yellow, Dotty Lavender, and Dotty Dusty Aqua (left).
Birdie Small, Birdie Medium, Birdie Large (right).

Ferm Living KIDS Playful Pillows: Mr. Small Robot, Mr. Large Robot.
Robot Bedding (left) is available in Baby and Junior sizes.

Ferm Living KIDS Bedding: Pipper Bedding Coral (appears in both pictures above) is available in Baby and Junior sizes, Pipper Blanket (left), Pipper Cushion (right).

Suddenly I want to be an interior designer! I think I'll start in my daughter's room.

Ferm Living have a huge range of lifestyle products, all guaranteed to give you a hankering for a bit of interior refurbishment. Go to the Ferm Living homepage to view the entire range, or go straight to their KIDS collection.

These images are copyright and have been published with permission from Ferm Living. Many thanks! 


  1. The site is looking super, Bren. And I LOVE the choo choo train wallpaper... Hmm, what would be the grown-up equivalent?! C.

  2. Animators don't need to be grown-ups C! The Tiny Train wallpaper is fantastic... But Ferm Living do have some grown-up prints too if you wanted to pretend to be a grown up ;) X

  3. Wow the room is looking great! I still can't get over that bed and now the bedding is great too.and mostly the wall paper.. they look awesome ..

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