Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vintage Wallpaper Gorgeousness by Inke

We have a little room detached from our house that is a great space to kick around in - make a mess with paints, play with playdough, that kind of thing... But it's not just a playroom, because my partner and I like to sit out there too, open the French doors and relax with a glass of wine. It needs a bit of brightening up on the inside, and I have been pondering what to do with it (after I have revamped the garden, painted the shed, filed those papers, done up that doll's house, written that blog post etc etc...) but imagining that I did have time, I was contemplating painting some fun silhouettes on the interior walls, in blackboard paint, for my daughter to draw on. But we really need some colour - something stylishly simple and sophisticated. Then I remembered Dutch artist Inke Heiland. Inke is exactly what we need!! A splash of vintage wallpaper gorgeousness!

Vintage Wallpaper Giraffe by Inke Heiland.
Vintage Wallpaper Rhino by Inke Heiland.

Vintage Wallpaper Elephant by Inke Heiland.

And I love this baby elephant! So cute...

Vintage Wallpaper Baby Elephant by Inke Heiland.

There is a fantastic selection of wildlife silhouettes to choose from, and a HUGE range of wallpapers. Mix and match silhouettes and wallpapers to create the perfect design for your home. And if wildlife is not your thing, Inke has much more: The Town Musicians of Bremen, Trees, Branches, Leaves, Interiors, and Birds...

Vintage Wallpaper The Town Musicians of Bremen by Inke Heiland.
The Town Musicians of Bremen Book illustrated by Inke is also available.

Vintage Wallpaper Tree #1 by Inke Heiland.

Vintage Wallpaper Interiors by Inke Heiland.

Vintage Wallpaper Birds by Inke Heiland.

Inke's Birdhouse Lamp is a lovely idea. Hand made from French Oak (sustainable sources), it comes with an energy-saving lightbulb, and a set of wallpaper birds. Oh divine!

Wallpaper Tree and Birdhouse Lamp by Inke Heiland.

Are you wishing you had thought of it? I am! But, where on earth would you find such an amazing collection of wallpapers? Inke and her team don't seem to have trouble; the wallpaper selection is enormous and ever-changing. Colours and patterns cover every taste, from bright and bold, to subtle and subdued. I guarantee you'll find something that appeals to you. Visit the  Inke Heiland online shop to see the full collection of products and wallpaper designs. You'll love it!

Many thanks to Inke for allowing permission to feature these designs on Kitty as a Picture Kids Design Blog. 


  1. Your wallpaper posts are making me want to paper our whole house! Just gorgeous :)