Monday, January 3, 2011

ISAK - Surface Pattern With Personality

When it comes to inspiration for surface pattern, it is impossible to look past Isak. Isak's designs are bold, graphic, and in colour palettes that fit harmoniously into a modern living space. Their catchphrase Beautiful Happy Things is in accord with their vast range of products including wallpaper, tableware, stationery, bedding, prints, posters and much more.

Gift Sets by Isak: Porcelain Cup with Oak Lid, packed as pairs in a gift box.
Designs include: Lovebird, Leaf, and Landsby. 

Isak was brought to life by Swedish Designer Sandra Isaksson. She is now joined by Nick Felgate, and the pair are passionate about what they do: designing and creating responsibly made and sourced products for home and children. There is plenty of personality in their design, and the Isak spirit is very much rooted in Sandra's childhood memories of Sweden.

Nova Dawn Wallpaper by Isak.

Nova Wallpaper by Isak is available in Nova Mist (left) and Nova Dawn (right).

Nova Meadow bedding by Isak.

I like the elegant shapes and graphics that appear throughout the Isak range, the complementary straight lines offsetting graceful curves, and the incorporation of the negative space into the design. The Penguin range of wallpaper is an excellent example.

Penguin wallpaper and bedding by Isak.

Penguin Wallpaper by Isak is available in Turquoise, Green, Plum and Silver, pictured above.
The Penguin Blankets are made from 100% new Norwegian wool.

Choose from a wonderful selection of wallpaper by the roll, or have a feature wall - measure your wall in centimeters, and Isak will re-size, print and send your wallpaper in sequential rolls! Brilliant! AND if the Isak colours aren't perfect for your home, Isak can make custom colour changes for a design fee. It is interior design magic! Take a look at some of the amazing feature walls to choose from:

Feature Walls by Isak. Pictured: Oak Tree and Need to Know.

Owl and the Pussycat Feature Wall by Isak.

Owl Wallpaper Feature Wall by Isak.

Harvest Wallpaper Feature Wall by Isak.

Landsby Wallpaper Feature Wall by Isak.

There is more wallpaper by the roll, and more feature-wall wallpaper to choose from at the Isak website. (And so much more beautiful design and product in general!)
There is one more thing that I adore and must show: a Counting Poster 1-20 Birds. This is by far the most stylish and sophisticated of its sort that I've seen to date, and with design like that, it has longevity. No need to take the poster down when the child has mastered counting skills; it is simply a beautiful happy piece of art. 

Counting Poster 1-20 birds by Isak.

For more information, visit the Isak website or blog.

These images are copyright and have been published with the permission of Isak. Many thanks!

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