Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Illustration and Craft by Hanako Clulow

I like to drink coffee. No, I LOVE to drink coffee, and by some miracle a gorgeous cafe called Cosset - now officially my favourite cafe in Auckland - has opened in my neighbourhood. It is run by a couple of talented ladies who seem to be able to turn everything they touch into a delectable treat or to infuse it with authentic vintage charm. It turns out there is talent aplenty in their family: their cousin, Hanako Clulow, created these quirky pieces that I find so delightful and unique. I particularly like the illustration Venice (below) - it is so full of mood and mystery.

Venice Illustration by Hanako Clulow.

Hanako is a London-based illustrator who originally comes from Japan. Hanako draws upon a broad range of interests in her work such as nature, the animal kingdom, Psychology, fantasy, and her native culture. She uses a variety of media, working digitally, with textiles, and with traditional painting materials.

Bicycle London Illustration by Hanako Clulow.

Rainy Day Illustration by Hanako Clulow.

Outsmart Illustration by Hanako Clulow.

Bub and Mountains (Left) and Alter Ego (Right)
Stitched Illustrations using felt and other bits and bobs, by Hanako Clulow.

Hanako has such an interesting and varied style; you can see more of her work at her website ilikesleeping.

Many thanks to Hanako for allowing permission to show her work. These images are copyright.

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