Thursday, January 20, 2011

Delicious Chocovenyl Wall Decals for the Home

My fascination with wall art continues, and I am so inspired when it comes to decorating kids' rooms. Trouble is, my daughter's room is packed full of furniture and toys, and that makes decorating almost impossible. Almost... but Chocovenyl make some incredibly beautiful mini wall decals that I could definitely make space for. If a room feature is what you are after, Chocovenyl has that covered too, and there is such a great range of designs - they can brighten up any room in the home. This Belle and Boo design would be my pick...

Hot Air Balloons wall decals, A Belle and Boo design. 

But this mini decal might be a better fit...

Miniz Belle Hugs Boo wall decal, A Belle and Boo design.

Or this yummy donut...

Miniz Donut wall decal, A Belle and Boo design.

Belle and Boo is not just all about girls...

Dino Ride wall decals, A Belle and Boo design.

And Chocovenyl are not just all about Belle and Boo. They have a huge collection of wall decals by world class artists including Alberto Cerriteno, Julien Canavezes, Adolie Day, Helen Dardik, Zutto, Carolyn Gavin, Jillian Phillips, Alessandra Fusi, Teodoru Badiu, Mister Mista, and Ellen Giggenbach, as well as Chocovenyl's own designs. I've picked out a few favourites, which is not an easy thing to do... there are so many fabulous wall decals to choose from!

Princess and the Pea wall decals, A Helen Dardik design.

Princess and Castle wall decal, An Ellen Giggenbach design.

Fairy wall decals, An Adolie Day design.

Alice in Wonderland wall decals, An Alessandra Fusi design.

Dogs wall decals, A Carolyn Gavin design.

Fun Transportation wall decals, A Sarajo Frieden design.

Miniz Fizzy & Co wall decals, A Teodoru Badiu design.

Kotobus wall decals, A Zutto design.

Rainbow Toys wall decals, A Jillian Phillips design.

And there is so much more; something to suit everyone, all homes, all tastes. When it comes to wall decals, Chocovenyl definitely has a yummy collection. I love it!

Chocovenyl is based in the UK, however local readers (New Zealand) can purchase from Unique Boutique.

Many thanks to Chocovenyl for allowing Kitty as a picture Kids Design Blog to publish these images.


  1. these decals are lovely! like the Belle and Boo dinosaurs; never seen them before. so glad you've got some Ellen Giggenbach in there too, isn't her work just beautiful? I love how it's all hand-painted and -cut and looks so perfect.

  2. Yes I loved the dinos too. So hard to find beautiful designs for boys, and the Belle & Boo dinos are really quite different.
    Ellen Giggenbach is fab, I agree! Nice colours and very cheerful

  3. Hi Brenda! Love your selections and this blog!! I'm a big fan of Belle and Boo. Love those Helen Dardik decals too.

  4. Thanks Tina. Cleo and I have been reading 'Sophie Bakes a Cake' lately; very cute! I am going to search out more of your books :)