Monday, December 20, 2010

Wallpaper by Binny Talib - When did wallpaper get so cool?

Everyone is talking about Binny Talib. Her new collection of wallpaper is flying around the blog circuit, featuring in The Design Files, Li'l Magoolie, and most recently Babyology; and an adorable story of Basil Bunny illustrated by Binny Talib recently featured in Babiekins magazine.

Australian Binny Talib is a textile and surface pattern designer whose delightful illustrations are popping up on just about everything: album covers, books, toys, greeting cards, children's clothing, and wallpaper. Her hand-drawn characters have a charming, child-like quality that strikes just the right playful tone for a child's bedroom.
When did wallpaper get so cool?!!

Wallpaper by Binny Talib: Lazy Bones

Wallpaper by Binny Talib: Bear With Me

Wallpaper by Binny Talib: Two Little Ears

Wallpaper by Binny Talib: Swirly Girly

Wallpaper by Binny Talib: Cloud Princess

Wallpaper by Binny Talib: Squishy Family

Wallpaper by Binny Talib: Pups in Cups

View the Binny Talib wallpaper collection on the IMGS website; See more of Binny Talib's portfolio at her website, or follow her blog.

These images are copyright, and have been published with the permission of Binny Talib. Thanks Binny!

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  1. Thanks Brenda, you have the most beautiful blog, I am delighted to be part of it Binny X